2 Miscarriages And Negative Blood Group And Antibodies

Hi my name is Tanya. i had my first pregnancy in 2009 and found out i had a negative blood group had no problems just had to have anti-d injections towards the end and gave birth to my son in July 2010. In Dec 2011 i found out i was pregnant again but my HGC levels were really low and after some brown spotting have a anti-d injection and a ultra sound i should of been 7 and a half weeks but the a/s only showed that i was only 5weeks and 2 days and was told that sometimes your dates are wrong and not to worry and to come back in a fortnight, when i came back the baby's had only grown by two days and the technician said that they may of measured it wrong last time. i had on and off spotting and was told not to worry about it unless it turned red, well it did so i was booked in for another a/s and my baby had died and measured at 6 weeks and was booked in for a D and C two days later. in April 2012 i was getting really light positive HPT's and they weren't getting any darker and had some brown spotting and was sure it was a chemical pregnancy and because it was a Saturday i couldn't get in with the doctor that i normally see and told her everything and showed her the hpt's and she said because they were so light to read them as a negative and to get a blood test on the Monday, so Monday came around after a long wait and she said the test came back negative so i asked want my hgc levels were and she said 20 and not to come back unless i was in pain and that i would get my period. i googled it and found out 20 was in fact pregnant i was so mad!! and a week later i started to bleed heavy so i went to MY doctor and told me yes that i was pregnant and to go straight to the hospital to get a anti-d and to check the baby, my levels had dropped down to 17 and they said to get a follow up blood test two days later to see if i had lost the baby and sent me home. by the Wednesday the hgc levels were down to 3 and was still bleeding heavy i had lost again baby and to make thing worst i have built up antibodies in my blood i am devastated and going to see i doctor in a couple of months to see if i will be able to carry a baby to term. would love to hear if anyone has or is going through something like this or know more about this problem. thank you.
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It's too bad you can't sue doctors for carelessness.

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