Still Dont Understand.

About three weeks ago i lost my baby grl at 20 weeks. it was my second pregnany but the first to go this far.  i didnt know what the pain i was having was before i went to the hospital but come to find out it waas contractions. i was in labor the whole weekend. when the doctor saw i was already 5 cm dilated and he said there was nothing he could do i was having a miscarriage. and after he left i just broke down. me and the father of my child have been trying to have a baby for over a year, so when we found out we were pregnant we were more than happy. my lil girl didnt come right away like her parents shes a fighter. we did a surgery were they had me upside down to try to her from coming and stitched up my cervix which seemed to work until some kind of infection took over and my water broke, so they had to take the stitch out and a few hours after that i delivered Angel. what we dont understand is if i was going to miscarry why not early on not 5 months down the line when were able to hear her heartbeat and feel her kick.. its just so unfair. im sorry for rambling. i do send my condolences to everyone who has loss their bundle of joy.

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I had 7 miscarriages until I had Jaco ... Now almost 19 years later, God decided to take him back. I feel for you.

I am so sorry for your loss. My best friend lost her baby and as i sat through the whole process with her i felt her anguish and it was just heartbreaking. I think this is one of many occurrences in life where no amount of explanation, scientific or otherwise, will ever make enough sense to account for the loss. I hope you and your partner can take comfort in that your baby is at a place infinitely better than it is here on earth.

thank you

I am sorry for your loss.