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I have had two pilonidal cyst removals. the first, my doctor didn't knock me out nor numb it. he just sliced it out all old fashion style. i want to sue him. the second surgery was because the last doctor didn't get all of it out. so i get the same doctor to remove it again, this time he knocks me out and does the surgery. i have about a 2 inch deep hole about the size of a golf ball at the top of my butt crack. We had hoped that this would finally end it all. but of course no. a year and a half later, today. I am heading in August 12th, for a 5 hour surgery called a cleft lift. this is were they remove everything, the scar tissue and the pits and fill the hole with fat and skin graph a hunk of skin about the size of a picture (3x5) from my inner thigh to use as coverage over the fatty tissue in that hole. This surgery won't be cheap, it won't be fun or painless. It's going to be long, and i'm going to wake up in loads of pain while drugged up on morphine. this is no easy trip. if i didn't have to i would deffinately not go through this. two was enough for me. but a few days ago my scar opened all on it's own when i was on the toilet, and i lost half a pint of blood. i went to the doctor and it's a different one from the first two, she will be removing everything and doing the surgery for me. I'm putting a lot of faith in this lady to fix me for good this time. Having the pilonidal disease, yes it's a disease, is not a walk in the park. it's a long and painful hike through the icy mountians where you slip and fall all the time. it's a pain in the *** literally. i'm sick of it and this is why i'm getting this cleft lift surgery. and yes, i am scared.

i'm a 16 year old girl who had her first removal when i was 15, and the second a few months later. now i have had two pilonidal cyst removal surgeries and a tonselictomy, which right when i got home, i got a cold. i have no luck with medical issues. but i will try to keep you updated to let you know how this procedure goes. if anyone has already had it, let me know how it went. my e-mail is

thanks everybody..sorry i got a little angry...

Crimsonhematite Crimsonhematite
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2009