Raised By The Mean Old Woman On The Corner

As a kid my mother had to work 2 jobs.  So during the hours between 6 am - 9 pm I was left at my Grandma's house.  She was known as the mean old woman on the corner.  She yelled at the kids saying don't walk on G*& DI*(! grass.  All the kids in the neighborhood were afraid of her.   I was not allowed to go over friends homes.  Friends were not allowed to come over at all. My friends from school were not allowed to call. When they did she cursed them out. Needless to say I only had 1 or 2 friends.  She was loud, yelled at me for every single thing. Yet, she treated my drug addicted cousin,  who stole from her constantly,  like gold. Even though I was a gifted honors student I was treated like an afterthought at best and like complete garbage at the worst. I had to be at home  at exactly 3:15 pm from school. The only thing I was allowed to was watch TV in the living room and go to school . If there was a dime sized piece of paper on the floor she yelled at me.  She constantly cursed at me.   I was not allowed to join girls scouts, ballet, or any extra curriculars.  When she made dinner or lunch the food was old.  My brother ( 9 yrs older than me and male so he could do no wrong) and I cleaned out her fridge some of the food she gave us was 2+ months old.  Now as an adult who was just diagnosed w/ Inattentive ADHD doctors told me I was socially stunted due to my grandmother. Trust me I could write a chapter from each year 3 - 18 but I just thought I'd keep it short and to the point.
dmissy dmissy
Jul 30, 2010