Worst Camp Experience Ever

I am writing this because I am 39 years old and this happened when I was eight and it still haunts me. I am hoping that by telling the story and sharing it, it will lose some of it’s power over me.

I was an obese child and suffered endless teasing because of my size. My parents decided to send me to summer camp. To be fair the camp I went to was great but what happened there was not.

One day at camp the counselor (some 16 or 17 year old dude) announced we would be going for a hike. We hiked for what seemed like a long time. Our group of campers screwed around climbing over rocks and trees. It was hot, really, really hot. So the counselor announces we would hike back and get some water. We hiked back through the woods and as we were hiking I was sweating and feeling really bad. We were almost all the way to the main cabin when my body decided that it had had enough. My bowels let loose. Thank goodness I was at the back of the group, tailing them back. I immediately made a bee line for the toilets, which also happened to be the showers. I ran into a stall and sat down. I grabbed some toilet paper and tried to clean my self and my underwear up. There was another group of campers in the bathroom and one kid must have seen my “******” underwear. Before I knew what was happening I heard “hey this kid **** his pants” I looked up at the top of the stall to see a number of faces look into mine. They were standing on a bench that was attached to the stall for people using the shower to put stuff on. They were laughing and pointing. I pulled my pants up and ran out of there back to my cabin. No one was there and I changed and threw out my underwear and pants, in the garbage cans outside.

It gets better.

For entertainment the camp would have talent shows and skits after dinner. That night it was our cabins turn to put on a skit and of course I had a part. We marched on stage and started our skit. In the middle of the skit I hear “ Hey it’s that kid who **** his pants” come from the audience. As I looked out into the audience I see their counselors face with a confused look on it looking at the kid who yelled and then he looks at me and I could see his face change as he recognized me. His eyes got wide and he started to laugh and his whole group of kids started to laugh, following his lead. I stood up and busted out of there.

I actually can’t remember anything else about the camp, but this horrible thing that happened to me. I know reading it sounds like something that should be funny and It would be if it wasn’t true.
Jeremen Jeremen
36-40, M
Sep 6, 2012