This Was My Life

when i was a small child i and not had a father nor did i really want one i was happy with it being just me and mom but mom got sad and lonely and found a man at work she brought him home a few times and one night even asked him to come over and watch me she would be a work late and i was going to be off school soon when i got home i knew he was there i could see his car in the drive way i walked up to the front door and heard the germansheaperd back through it at me she was our dog chance and i loved her dearly i opened the door and there he was big burly and ugly waiting behind the door her smile and said hi there your mom asked me to watch you to night is that OK i looked at him and shurged sure  went in to the living room now i was only 6 maybe 7 and i wanted to watch cartoons and mom would let me do this for a hour and then help me with my home work so i turned on the TV and put on my cartoons and i heard my mothers boyfriend say why don't you do your homework first champ now i am a little girl and i didn't like the names champ but i let it slid and said well mom says i can watch TV for a little while then we do my homework he came around the couner and glared at me and said you will get your *** up and do your damn homework now if you know whats good for you i looked at him amazed he had directed such words at me my mother had never spoke to me in that way and i was afraid of him now i said meekly but mom says its OK to watch some TV... he stormed in to the room picked me up by my hair and yelled in to my face I'm not your mom am i? i cried out i pain and fear acting instinctively i kicked him hard in the shin he dropped me and i ran to my room crying he  fallowed and yell at me don't you dare come out! i shoved my desk chair against the door the way i was shown to do if i need to lock my door and hide in my closet until my mom came home she then asked me to open my door still in tears and my head still hurting i did so she had asked her boyfriend to leave and he had she asked why did you run away from @#$#@? and i answered he grabbed me by my hair and yelled at me and scared me for some reason she did not believe me she said now huny i don't think he would hurt you he says just was trying to help you up i was horrified she didn't believe me not at all i didn't understand she had never not believed me and i tried so hard to make her happy well i found out it was only the beginning of my problems and i will tell you more latter

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I rarely speak to my mom anymore because of my stepdad. I'm sorry. She will never understand the pain she caused you for not believing you. The bond and security you felt with her before this happened probably started slowly drifting away.

My mum didn't believe me when her boyfriend was being pervy and ended up kicking me out of the house!!! I think she really did believe me but didn't want to - I'll never forgive her. I hope your relationship with your mum hasn't suffered too much because of it?