Bad Memories

When I was born, my dad left my mom. So they lived separately. I learned 3 languages at the age of 2 and attended a private homeschoolled "asian/chinese tutorings" I went to school and had to learn English. When I came home, I had tutoring for "chinese school" and english. I was also privately taught the piano. My mom and older sisters worked to support my family. My older brother dropped out of highschool because he joined the wrong group of people and was never home. Whenever my mom was off of work, she took everyone out to eat and forgot me. I cried myself everyday, and learned to cook. My dad forgot about me too so I ate in depression. He came back when I was 7 since my mom called child support. I was forbidden to go outside due to my allergies to fur and bugs. I also have a strange phobia to balloons. So I stayed home, did my homework, and learned piano. I quit at age 9, when I developed stomach ulcer and had to stop myself from going to school for a month. Due to that, I lost massive amounts of weight. Being depressed, I was forced to smile a lot to prevent stress. I then ate out of depression and is now chubby. People look to me as if I'm a rich kid who has it all in her life and that I'm always happy. People don't know me. It ticked me off because they told me, "I never had toys when i was younger, I bet you had everything going for you." I cried remembering my past because I was told that I was pathetic when i was 7 by my teacher. So I stepped up my game and got straight A's for 3 years and developed stomach ulcer. My parents didn't even notice my existence until now. In 5th grade when I developed ulcer, and the time I came back from school, my teacher told me that I wasn't fit to be her student. When I look back into my past, I see the bad over the good. But that's what formed the person I am today.
chikoritatard chikoritatard
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012