Evil Priest And Fellow Priests

My wife and I have a story of a Priest and the parish pastoral council, we have a document from  a Priest who gave use a sworn affidavit regarding a

condition of a donation of access to our home, placed at the Churches Altar, we have talked to two Msgr. Priests, Cardinal, a Archbishop soon to

become a Cardinal, they have all sided with the bad Priest, the bad Priest has filed false malicious mischief charges, false robbery charges, all have

been dismissed because there is no basis for charges, why  ??, because for 12 years we were neighbors to the Catholic church with 7 other

neighbors, this Priest decided he wanted to park cars in front of our drive way to our home, so he built a wall in front of our home and our neighbor

who is handy caped, now he must park and walk very far from his home, we were charged because we opposed his action, our case has been seen

on T.V., a radio talk show that confronts the bad deeds of the Catholic Church, 800 parishioners have signed a pet ion to remove this Priest but the

Archbishop is ignoring our problem, and the 800 parishioners, this Archbishop is dealing with a Priest having sex behind Altar, Priest molesting altar

boys, Priest shooting boy with gun for taking fruit from tree, Priest takes two girls to hotel and dies, Priest refuses to give last rights if he decides to or

you must carry the sick to him or pay his taxi to and from, this is the Priest we are having our problem with, people do not like going to this church any

anymore, were is the sacred vows of the Priest hood ??, sex, shooting gun, married wife all fair game for Priests, I know why the Priest hood is going

to the dogs, because the GOOD men do not want to have any part of what the Priest hood stands for today, there is no HONOR or INTEGRITY.

jackjohnjimmy jackjohnjimmy 66-70 Apr 6, 2012

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