My Tailbone Snapped Giving Birth

I pushed and heard my tailbone snap. I flinched from the sound but I was so focused on the fact I was about to get to hold my son I didn't feel the pain till later. As in when I was lying in the hospital recovery room and couldn't move from the bed. I haven't had it x-rayed but I can feel where the end of my tailbone is in a v shape rather than rounded like it use to be. and if i move right i can feel the bone shard shift position. It has been over a year so either it just doesn't hurt as bad anymore or i just don't notice it. It just is a real pain to have a bone that just has to heal on it's own. it can't be braced, or reset or anything all I can do is give it time.
tamarah tamarah
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2010