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I Broke It Twice

I have an older brother (Brian) and an older sister (Holly). I never could bring myself to get a long with my sister she was too mean. However, I was my brothers shadow. I did what Brian did. I liked what Brian liked. I hurt when he hurt. Even though Brian was 7 years older than me I found it a must to try the things he did.

Brian just got this new weight set that he was playing with and I wanted to play too. I was 9 years old making him 16. I grabbed one of his bars threw some weights on and put the rubber stopper on the end. I was so excited I went to show him I could lift it when I grabbed it the wrong way and the rubber stopper that I didn't tighten enough fell off and the weights followed and fell on my foot. Ouch! I couldn't cry though because my big brother wouldn't have cried. I bravely told my dad I hurt my foot with tears forming in my eyes. He carried me to the car two days later when he was sure I actually broke my foot by then it turned purple and swelled twice its normal size.

There I was getting my first cast. I was in 3rd grade. I was so embarrassed to go to school like that, but at least I was able to leave early. Time flew and it was almost time for the cast to come off when I wanted to help my dad wash the car. I soaked my cast with the hose. Oops. I slipped right out of my cast and my foot felt fine, besides I was scared to get it cut off anyways. It was a Saturday and my sister was on a class trip to an amusment park. My dad and I went to pick her up. I was skipping up the side walk in jelly heeled, see through shoes when I tripped. So instead of having a broken foot that was broken six different places I managed to have a foot that was now broken in eight different place and a new cast.

I, of course picked the color pink different from the purple cast I had before when a week later I had to get a different colored cast because it turned out I was allergic to the dye in the pink colored cast. I ended the healing process of my foot in a white colored cast. I haven't broken a bone since.
shellzz shellzz 18-21, F Jun 4, 2012

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