Eleven Broken Bones

I was participating in a triathlon. I did the swim okay. I transitioned to the bicycle. I did about 11 of the 13 miles on the bicycle. Apparently, and I say "apparently" because I can't remember, I hit a pothole. Simply put, the bicycle stopped. I didn't.

I had a temporal fracture of the skull along with two cerebral hemorrhages. I'm not deaf in my left ear due to the concussion injury to my inner ear.

I broke my left collar bone clean in two pieces.

I broke six ribs, numbers 3 through 8 on the left side. Presumably one of said ribs managed to puncture my left lung.

I broke two thoracic vertebrae.

And finally, I fractured my left pelvis.

I don't remember anything for the first nine days. I was in the hospital and they had me drugged into a stupor with pain killers.

In total, I spent 25 days in the hospital. I'll be celebrating 11 weeks since my bicycle crash this Sunday.
Harantis Harantis
Sep 21, 2012