The List Goes On!

Soooooo I broke mmy collar bone first, then my humerous, broke my nose twice, all the fingers on my right hand, lol broke my knuckles, broke a rib, had a concussion...

and I guess these dont count cuz technically its not a bone but, I tore my meniscus, and then later tore my ACL in the other knee, and then tore my meniscus again while chipping off cartlidge around my bones in my knee so that my bones were just rubbing together... That one hurt lol

I think II should have my own room in the hospital with my name on it.
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Oh dear - I've never broken any bone in my body ever - wish I could take some of your pain to reduce yours! :)

No way, I'll go halfsies on a hospital room with you. The worst part is the medical bills that fallow! -_-''!!

How did you go about all that, a particular sport, or all over the board? Nice work.

Yeah, if not for my parents I would be homeless and probably haunted by medical bills forever. I dislocated my left knee 5 times my right knee 4 times playing soccer.

The other stuff was random like elevations sickness in wyoming... I had no idea? Whoops...

Worse than surgery is the drugs! I felt so sickkkk after knee surgery, barf.

Why the fights? hah, last fight I had was probably elementary school!... I have became quite calm and controlled since then... I'd probably take a punch before throw one now.

baha, I still play its my drug but try to limit myself to pick up games >.<'' parking garage soccer in the winter, I snuck out the last time to a Midnight madness recruitment program at a University the last time my knee got dislocated, my parents wanted me to quit, that was a lot of arguments in the past.

I couldn't at the time. I feel bad for sneaking around like I did. I got surgery from dislocating it so much! Tried to tighten one side and loosen the other.

Thats pretty cool! I broke my nose in elementary school, slipped on the ice and a kid ran around the corner bam, knee to the nose!

(My brother bodyslammed me once dislocating my knee a week after surgery) Sibling require pain... lol. I am headed to play basketball! lol sounds like we have a lot in common with the self destruction!

Yeah, pickup games are not the same but I am so grateful for them! Hell yes, a lot of trouble...

My parents own a business as well I was supposed to do dishes, I got home that morning from the city around 4 a.m. the garage code was changed (I forgot the new code). I couldn't get in the house, I didn't do the dishes, both my parents at that point were at work. I called my mom to get into the house without saying a word (or her even knowing I dislocated my knee) she was pissed about the dishes not being done and then she hung up.

My mom is the nicer of the two as well lol... Called my dad, same thing (A cuss fest and then hanging up the phone). I was standing in front of my garage in the winter unable to get in the house.

Finally I told my mom what happened, got into the house, chucked my crutch across the room and hopped up to bed -_-'' not the best night hah.

I wonder what the knees will be like a few years from now. I almost feel like I should be as active as possible because it's like a ticking clock till they will probably hinder me from doing things... until then =)