Fractured Wrist :(

I am 13 and 5 months ago I broke my wrist. It hurt. I was on my tramoline with my brother who was 10 at the time. He jumped up and I fell so I grabbed on to him and he landed on my wrist when it was upright. At first I didnt cry I just layed there kind of in shock. Then about 45 seconds later I was balling. I got really hot and started shaking, I also felt like throwing up. I was extremly thirsty and thought I was gonna faint and I was sweating. My mom took me to the hospital and they put a sling on me right away. I finally calmed down and stop crying but then they called my name because they were going to take X rays. As soon as I got in the room I started crying again because I knew they were gonna position it and that would hurt. They told me to wait in the waiting room so we did. They clled me again and took me into a room and we waited for over a half hour in there and the nurse accidentaly picked up my melted ice pack and poured ice water on me. This was in august so i was wearing shorts. Then they told us that we had to go to an orthepedic specialist. When we fially left it was about midnight and I was exausted from everything and we were there for over 3 hours. Then we went to the pharmacy to get my medicine. Three days later I went to the orthepedic specialist and he told me I had a seperated growth plate and they had to PUT IT BACK INTO PLACE! They gave me numbing shots in my wrist and told me I wouldnt feel it when they put it back into place (lairs). It hurt worse than when I broke it. Then I was really dizzy and had a wierd taste in my mouth for 10 miuets after. Now its all better and I am fully recovered. I have only been on the trampoline twicw since that time.
Lovaticlove32 Lovaticlove32
13-15, F
Jan 23, 2013