Break A Leg, A Date With An Accident That Didn'T Go Well

Hi,iam 24 yrs old and standing tall at 6ft 3inches, and had an accident when taking matters into my own hands was no option but a compulsion, it was a motorcycle accident where my friend was riding and i was sitting in the back suddenly a minivan came from the opposite direction and hit us my friend escaped unhurt but was in shock and was repeating everything i was saying so that's when i decided to stand up and get him and myself to the hospital with the help of a person who was at the right time and place, we stopped a taxi and managed to get my self into the taxi and get to a hospital when my bone marrow and knee fluid was bleeding continuously.

I wanted to share my story to show that anything is possible and everything can be endured through, if you just put your chest out and shout is that all you got!!!!,

The extent of my injuries-

type3b fracture (this is where the bone comes out through the skin and there is bone loss, in my case my femour had broken and around 6 inches was exposed and bone loss was around 2 inches),

type c3 supracondylar fracture,(this is where the region just above the knee joint is fractured and the actual knee joint is also fractured into two or more pieces)

fractured/broken patella, (the knee cap is broken/fractured)

and now for the icing

secondary osteomyelitis( bone infection) and the micro organism is enterobacter

underwent wound debridement (this is where the infected tissue and bone are cut and removed) 5 times and antibiotic bead implant and removal 2 times
that's a total of seven surgeries and two are yet to follow ie., if all goes well

was on iv antibiotics for 2 months, my leg has been stationary for around 5 months,
and all i have to say is i will recover and again start racing bikes and cars
remember its all in the head, no one and nothing will stop you if u put your mind and heart to it, be good and do good
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Jan 29, 2013