Same Bone Twice In the Span of 8 Weeks!

I broke my arm at a family reunion because my cousin tripped me. Then two weeks after I got the cast off I was chasing my brother and I fell. I ended up breaking the bone completely in half. After one attempted cast I had to have a plate and 5 bolts put into the bone to make it heal. :( Ironically, I was wearing the same pair of sandals for both accidents. My family called them the death sandals, and I never wore them again. Hah.


Also, I'm fairly certain I've broken my shin before. Most people can't even tell that they have! I never had it checked out though. Haha.

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3 Responses Sep 11, 2008

Yeah, I'm the clumsiest person I know. I fall walking up stairs, down stairs, on flat surfaces where there is nothing to trip over, etc.

ouch! wow to break it right after it gets done healing...

Oh man that's harsh!