When I was little.  I was playing in a toy that was too small for me, and was going up on a curb at a driveway.  The toy was too top heavy (because I was to big to sit in it correctly), and fell over backwards.  It was fractured at that point.  Then I went inside my house, where my mother told me to lay on the couch until my dad got home.  That is when gravity, etc had its way.  I heard and felt the bone snap.  So, that is my story.

LOL.  The moral of the story?  Don't lay on the couch...  Oh wait, that isn't it...  Umm....  Oh yeah!  Don't play with toys you have outgrown!  You could break something!  LOL.

skinnybitch skinnybitch
26-30, F
Feb 10, 2009