Why I Hate Hospitals

i broke my wrist when i was 4 and what a horrific day that was. i was playing with the big kids in my neighbourhood. they were playing around this tree, hanging upside down and doing the monkey. i wanted to try so they lifted me up on the tree and i went to lock my legs to hang upside down ...didn't work to well for me and i fell. all i remember was running to my mother crying. she brought me to the hospital and they said it was just sprained. that night i cried and cried because it hurt so bad. my mother had enough and call the family Doctor. he took a look at me and said it was broken.

i hate hospitals !

erinjt erinjt
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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

haha <br />
thats funny <br />
yeah, thats all i remeber was the itching

damn hospitals!!<br />
<br />
strangely i dont rem the cast itching but i think i liked it caz i could've used it as a weaong wen my sister or friends tried to hit me or something.