I fell off my top bunk when I was in the third grade. Luckily my left wrist broke my fall, and hit a huge wooden game board that was on the floor. After going to about 10 different doctors, I went to the bone doctor dude. He looked at my wrist with the bone sticking out in a weird way. Then he took my wrist in his hands and told my parents to look away. He snapped the bone back into place without surgery and all. He was/is my favorite doctor ever!!!

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Just making sure. lol.

I hate that title. OOhhh! Ouch! Eeek. Awwgh. :/

*lol* I don't think so. All you have to do is write a story mentioning blood or needles or anything like that and I'll run a mile. I'm only spying anyway.. aren't I allowed to? I just wanted to know your bone's ok. :)

Oh boy. Should I be worried? :)

*lol* :D I wasn't expecting that!! :D Nice one! Yeah, I suppose I was spying, not technically stalking.. yet. :D

Because you love me or something???? Lol!

Why am i reading this? I hate reading about stuff like this.

Yeah. It was crazy. For the longest time I didn't think it had really been broken b/c I didn't have surgery, but my sister as like your bone was sticking out. I don't remember that, but I'm sure it was a cool sight.

holly cow <br />
thats a crazy story <br />
he just snaped her back in huh <br />