I Am Sitting Here With a Broken Bone In My Foot!!!!:(

I've had some nasty falls during my life, but most of them ended in sprained ankles.  Always in the left foot/leg, I must note. 

Two and a half weeks ago, I took a bad fall down the stairs and broke a bone in my foot (the 5th metatarsal, I would later find out).  My foot hurt like hell, but everyone around me insisted that I couldn't have broken anything, so I went two weeks without seeing a doctor about it.

It was still bruised and hurting when I came to the podiatrist's office yesterday.  He took one look at it and sent me over to the x-ray lab .  He called over to them that I was an "emergency".  I got my x-rays and looked over them in the waiting room. Ick!  I'm kinda squeamish, and when I saw this one x-ray from the side, it looked HORRIBLE!  I asked the x-ray tech if it was bad, and he said he wondered how I could be walking on it all this time.

I took my x-rays back to my podiatrist and he said it was pretty bad and that since I waited two weeks to come to him, the bone had moved and it was worse than it had originally been.  Now, I have to call this doctor in Princeton, make an appointment with him, and then he has to see if I need surgery to put a pin in my foot to connect the two pieces of bone.  Sounds gross!  And painful!  For now I have this "cam walker" which is kinda like a high-tech cast.  It's not pleasant and it's not pretty. I feel like a monster!  I took pictures  of my x-rays if anyone wants to see them though!

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3 Responses Aug 19, 2007

I feel for you. Im sitting here with a broken tib-fib and will not be putting weight on my leg for six weeks. Its physically and mentally painful. Hope you start feeling better soon!!!

Oh! No, that sounds terrible I am sorry you are in so much pain....you poor dear. I hope it gets to feeling better soon now that you got it properly looked at. By the way how is your kitty cat? Hope you both get better soon!<br />
Hugs....<br />

omgoodness! I have a somewhat horrifying image of the bone in your foot....!<br />
I hope you're taking something/doing something to relieve the pain. I don't like the idea of you just slugging it out!