Little Broken Baby Bone!

When I was 17 months old, my mom left the side of my crib down. I was used to climbing on it, so when I went to climb, it wasn't there. I landed on my hands but in a funny way so that my right arm broke almost at the wrist. They set it and everything, but a short while later discovered that they set it incorrectly and if they didn't fix it, my arm wouldn't grow correctly. They went in there and fixed my arm again, and that was that. I have all of these pictures of me in a bright pink cast, waddling around and playing with my toys mostly one handed. Actually, I was pretty cute. :D
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1 Response Aug 20, 2007

My younger sister came home from the hospital at birth in a cast! Her arm was trapped under my mom's ribcage, and during the C-Section, the Doc. flipped her arm too hard! What a pitiful sight! THe good news is, babies heal faster than adults... she was out of the cast in 3 weeks!