A Lot Of Them

Being at a young age you never expect to have had a broken arm in two plaves and had broken both legs.


I was exting on my cell phone while walking down a ramp, and fell. I thought i was fine at first, and got up with the good arm because i thought i had just bruised it good, then it started hurting bad, and I looked and it was bent, this was when i was starting to get up. Turns out I broke the radius and the ulna. i had to get surgery to get plates put in ( a lot at age 16 i must say. The other two times were when I was really little, and I was having foot problems (bent foot club feet) and had to get surgery where they break it or something in both legs and put screws in. Not fun, not fun at all.

phonesrcool08 phonesrcool08
22-25, M
Dec 4, 2009