Pantsless Extravaganza

Me and my friends where up at the sports field at night, and we decided to climb on the netting cascading over the fields. My pants where just getting in the way, so I took them off and so did my friend. So we where running around on the baseball netting with no pants on having a wonderful time when we saw a cop shining his flash light on us. I tried to get down to fast and ended up falling like 15 feet. I didn't know my arm was broken until I tried to sit up and it felt like my arm was gone. I started saying help, very casually and my friend thought that I needed help getting down until I started saying " I can't find my arm." She came down and reassured me that my arm was still there. We sat there for a second feeling the bone sticking out of my arm. The cops let us go because we needed to get to the hospital. It was lots of fun, even though I broke my arm.

Spooooon Spooooon
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

First off, mega-kudos for an awesome title! Glad y'all had fun, even if it didn't end that well. I wonder what the cops thought about pantsless people climbing around?