Well, on Sunday afternoon I went to take a look at the piece of land some friends of ours just bought. I was dressed for church, not hiking, but I wasn't going far. I made it part way into the woods when I turned my ankle and SNAP. Down I went in the dirt and leaves and snow. The pain was pretty intense, and they took me right to the ER after packing snow around my rapidly swelling foot.

Turns out I have a spiral fracture of my right fibula (that's the long, thin bone that isn't weight bearing). I'm hoping to avoid surgery, becuase it seems to me that surgery would only add to my problems. So far the OS is agreeing with me. I'm in an aircast, flat on my back with my ankle above my heart. Bleh.
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1 Response Apr 7, 2011

i hope your leg gets better soon.take care