The Warmest Winter Ever And I Fall The One Day It Snowed

I broke my FIB and TIB January 14th 2012 the day before was Friday the 13th. I was out hangin with a girlfriend we had just come from the Casino were I had played Tic tac Toe with a real chicken and won! 25$ slot play a  tee shirt and a buffet (I thought I was on a roll) and My temp to Hire job was getting ready to become permanent yes!!!! things are looking up for the kid (but no) I walked through a parking lot and had a terrible fall! I am a woman and had on flat boots however, I fell and my lower leg was twisted around I was so happy the bones didnt come through the skin.

I had surgery on Feb 1st were 13 screws and two plates were inserted (what the >F@##$)!   I was so confused the whole time I was in shock first that I  was just freaking walking and broke my leg. second I am in surgery having hardware installed in my leg (that sounds like it should be on a door or something) When I came out of surgery my throat is soar as hell I gotta pee real bad and I wanna get up and go to the restroom then I look down at the one chocolate brown leg I have and this big white soar leg The nurse kept trying to stuff my big fluffy hairI under that cap and it wouldnt fit It looked like that ole school jiffy popcorn it was real big my ponytail some how came aloose I was so embaressed  I only then remembered I freaking broke my Leg! in three places I know this shyt gonna be hard when I cant even get up to go to the washroom on my own. I have two damn daughters 19 and 16yrs. old and I have to keep up with them.  Damn its my right leg now I cant even drive!  OK then I remember I had finally started working a Temp to Hire job Its been hard for me finding work because I work in the Financial Industry (need I say more about how those greedy bastards f@## us around) anywho, I was to be hired on the Monday after the accident that fell through for me!!!!  When I get home Iam devasted at all the work facing me I gotta heal myself, find a job, find transportation, make follow-up appointments, and care for the girls this is a life changing hot damn mess!!!!!!!!!  I have an upstaitrs (bedrooms) and basement (washer/Dryer) this shyt gonna be ruff and it is! However, its been 4months now and things are looking up! I am out of the cast, out of the waling boot and in gym shoes which I hate! I love my heels! but what can you say? I am driving (get a Temp Handicapped placard my drivers) it works wonders. I am to start Physical therapy next week to gain mobility and pain management because the side of my foot is numb (nerve damage expect it) it takes the longest to heal so Iam told. I never went to the salon but I have some beautiful long brown Dreadlocks now. My ex-manager has been here everyday since the accident he says I look so sexy with that leg up all the time (whatever dude that's the last thing on my mind at this point) I just wanted to share my story. Thanks you^all for listening. I will pray for all of us Hang in there it gets greater Later. ONE LUV
Flatsjoes Flatsjoes
May 7, 2012