My Personal Encounter

By  Roxanne  MacLean


          Have you experienced something that you will never forget? I have had such an experience. I want to share with you my close encounter. I also want to talk about UFO’s and the experience through time and history.

          The year was 1974; I was 12 years old at the time. My dad took me and my brother to the movies. We saw “Logan’s Run.” It was a great movie. It was a warm summer’s evening. When we were on our way home, we were driving by a huge cornfield. I was looking into the field, and I saw something. It caught my attention. I screamed, “Stop the car!” When the car stopped, I jumped out of the car, and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I ran into the cornfield for a long time. I saw something that I was drawn to. I ran to the middle of the cornfield, and it was right above me. I was so amazed by what I saw. I thought to myself, “I wish it would come closer.” Suddenly, it came closer to the ground. The light was all around me. I could see the bottom of the UFO and I could see the windows. It was cigar-shaped. As it came closer, I felt calm and peaceful. I watched in wonder. It felt like I was all alone with the UFO. Then, suddenly, it began moving left, then right, and came down. Then it shot straight up into the sky and was gone.  I heard my dad yelling for me, searching frantically. I said, “Dad I am over here!” He was very upset. He had been searching for me. Why didn’t I answer? I told him, “I didn’t hear you. I’m sorry”. Then, he demanded to know why I had jumped out of the car and had run into the cornfield. I said, “I saw a UFO: Did you see the UFO?” Dad said “UFO? Really, I did not see a thing.” I told dad what I saw. He immediately called the FBI and told them everything. They took the information and informed my dad, since he did not witness the UFO, they would have to interview me. They took my statement .Then; we went to the site of my close encounter to collect evidence. Later, they made suggestions about what it could be. At first, they suggested that it could have been an airplane. I said, “Airplanes don’t hover in the air.” There was no noise made by the UFO. The interview was over. Later, there was an article in the newspaper that the UFO was seen by over 5,000 witnesses. After all the interviews and gathering information the case remained inconclusive.

  A documentary on the History Channel, regarding UFO’s made reference to a journal by Christopher Columbus in which he identifies “shinning, oval object in the sky.”   At one time, they claimed that people who saw UFO’s were suffering from hysteria. Was Christopher Columbus suffering from hysteria? Another news story regarding a UFO, took place in Aurora, Texas. The UFO crashed at that location on April 17, 1897. A UFO is said to have hit Judge Proctor’s windmill, resulting in the death of the pilot. The piece of metal was 95% Aluminum and 5% iron. The metal did not exist at that time.  I have read many articles in which people have reported sightings. In my opinion there are too many people who have reported seeing UFO’s to deny the possibility that they exist. With everything I have seen and heard, I truly believe in UFO’s. I know I am not alone. I believe the truth is out there. I want to believe! One day, we will know the truth.


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wow interesting ,I wish I can see one.

It seems like most peoples encounters are quite positive.<br />
Mine I've not told anyone for about 20years or so.<br />
I had just finished watching tv, I was home alone maybe 15 or 16 years old but have never forgot what I experienced.<br />
I remember going to the back door of our home to have a smoke, it was a warm and a very carm night, you could here everything that was going on around me. Peoples tvs from across the road,fridge doors being closed, toilets being flushed, also a constant humming sound. People just getting on with there lifes.<br />
It was the humming sound that grabbed my attention. I looked up because it seemed to be coming from that direction and to my absolute shock a

Hi Roxanne,<br />
I'm new here, and I haven't shared anything yet. I joined because of the UFO stories. My mom and I saw one at 1:00am in 1976 when I was 15 years old. Ours was oval or cigar shaped (I say oval, my mom says cigar), and bright red-orange. It was probably about 200 feet long, and it moved silently and quickly. The movement was kind of like sliding a checker across a checker board. We saw it come over the top of a mountain, which was less than a half mile in front of us. It hovered, moved over the mountain into the clear night sky, and after changing positions a few times it took off at an incredible rate of speed and was gone. The thing that struck me most about YOUR UFO, was how you wanted it to come closer, and it did. Right before we saw our UFO, I was thinking in my head that I REALLY REALLY wanted to see something. My mom had just picked me up from a babysitting job, and I was driving with a learners permit. It was late when we got home, but much to my mom's annoyance, I really wanted to practice my parallel parking. She was telling me to hurry up and park, but I didn't want to go in. I wished SO HARD that we would see something that would delay our leaving the car. I don't remember thinking "UFO." But then there it was.


yes I was talking to my mother she informed me this was not my first encounter it happened 5 years earlier<br />
<br />
she reminded me<br />
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that suprised me I am starting to remember<br />
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They do exist but we do not knwo them or detect them well as of yet, so much remains to be learned!