So What's The Other Side Doing When You Talk On The Phone ?

EP alerted me about the evil Sigmoidoscopy. By comparison, colonoscopy seems like a breeze. Because of the light anesthetic, I don't remember the procedure itself, and it was just a routine check-up. What followed immediately after was funny and revealing.

When I woke up, I found myself wheeled on a stretcher, in the recovery room, among other patients in various states of consciousness. I heard the nurse saying a few words, and there was my wife. I felt well, relieved that the procedure was over, and I was eager to get back to work.

I was conscious for no more than two seconds, when my mobile phone rang. I forgot to turn it off, and it was still below the bed, among my clothes. My wife bent down and handed the phone over to me.

- Oh hi [ Thinker ] , how are you going ? This is Jim fromĀ  [ ...employment agency ... ]

It was November 2003. Two months earlier, I have been unemployed for a fortnight. By November, I had a permanent job, but a call from an employment agent was still good news.

- Oh, thanks, I'm mighty fine - I said, with an energetic, optimistic voice, as required when agents ring. I was indeed happy for the call, so I must have convinced him. Or, well .. agents would place even a corpse, if they can make a commission on it. They must make a living too.

- I wonder whether you'd be interested in a job [ ... such and such ... ]

The conversation went on a for a few minutes, full of meaningless politeness. But there was some substance to it. He wanted to know whether I was still starved for employment, so he could place me into some low-paying job. I already had a better job, but I wanted to know how the job market was going. By the time we completed the ritual, we both got information about each other, and the market in general.

The agent had no means of knowing I was lieing on a stretcher, dressed in a bare-bottom hospital gown. Such is the world ....
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That is hilarious..