Concussion Sucks....

So far its taken 5 months of my life! It was my own stupid fault and as they say "I've changed " :-)

I still have my sense of humour by the way but will tell you the story...
I've always enjoyed a drink and a good night out with the girls, I don't mean falling around drunk everywhere but just a good laugh, lots of fun and people always wanted to go out with me as they said I was fun (ahh they are so kind )
Basically, the background is that I was going to the works Christmas party, started drinking neat Schnapps about 7 o'clock stopped off at a pub on way, got to the party about 9 had a few drinks there (oh yes I was hitting the self descruct drink button big time on this occassion) by 10:30pm there had been several attempts to get me home,,,, outside, ,,,to stop drinking..all of which failed...I was having none of it !!

I ended up falling UP some stairs,hitting my head very hard against something - which judging by the blood trail we think a door frame - I didn't have a clue where I was...cue paramedics and a trip to hospital (I've always hated people who have too much to drink and waste medical time, now I was one of those people...embarassed or what ) I was released at 3am, taxi home, husband furious as thought I'd been seeing someone (if only it were that simple)

Believe it or not I got up for work at 6.30am and worked for the next 3 days not realising how bad I was, until one day I just broke down as I didn't know where I was, who I was talking to or what people were saying.
There followed a month off work, sleeping like 13 hours at a time, and trips to the doctors.
I am back at work but the effect this injury has had has been so not worth that drink.
I lose concentration easily, I get confused when thinking or talking, I forget things, am short and snappy with people - which isn't like me at all - it has been an emotional roller coaster and my whole perspective on life has changed, I lack patience, feel frustrated with my marriage and have to ensure that I don't tire myself as there has been a few relapses due to being overtired.

I am sure things will improve in time but please if you are reading this....take more water with your drink, you really would not want to feel like I have done for the past few months

Sorry it was so long a story, thanks for your patience, I guess I needed to get that frustration out

redlady1958 redlady1958
51-55, F
May 9, 2012