Happened on March 17th 2012. I am huge lacrosse player (take that literally too i am big) i love the game more then anything. Well on that day it was a Saturday on Saint Patrick Day we had practice in the morning. I don't remember the practice at all, but from what my friends/teammates told me i was complaining about being dizzy and blurry. About a hour after that on the sideline taking a break i collapsed and was unconscious for about 4-5 minutes. I still dont remember this at all, my friends said it was very scary i just fell head first. I woke up in the ambulance with my coach by me, this memory is also a little blurry but i remember parts. Then i was in the hospital for about 6-8 hours not really sure how long. They did a CT scan and that was negative. Couple days later i started to get dizzy everyday, headaches all the time. So they put me on the concussion protocol, blah blah, i had to wait 3 days without symptoms and then come back slowly. I rushed it. I just wanted to play, all i want is lacrosse. Well, i came back played my first game against Fulton NY, we lost close game though. After the game my head was throbbing again and more headaches. Couldn't take it so i stopped playing again and saw a neurologist, they did a MRI and stuff, everything was negative....they couldn't figure out what would cause me to pass out for 5 minutes and now acting like this? Well, currently i am still out of lacrosse...which kills me everyday but i understand my head is more important then HS lax (doesn't seem like it but i know). Now, everyday is a huge struggle, light hurts, sound hurts, school sucks, dont feel like my normal self, like only 70% of myself. They put me on some medicine that sometimes helps the headaches go away but if i try to focus they'll come. Even typing this hurts. Now i just get frustrated, socially it sucks, talking to friends, my best friend knows somethings wrong just doesnt know how to help. I just get depressed from all this ****. Is their light at the end?? Please share comment if you have an experiences or advise PLEASE share!
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I know what you are talking about and almost every word is true with me. I know how depressing this is/ can be. Sharing your frustration and sadness can be very enlightning and healing. Try talking with a parent or friend or even a councellor. I know that they can only imagin what you're going through, but they want to help and support you. I hope you recover quickly!

I totally get what your going through. I've had two in the last year and I can tell you it doesn't get easier. I got mine playing soccer and I can tell you I've never been so depressed in my whole entire life. I've thought of ways to kill myself and everything but then I started finding people just like me who have had concussions and speak out about them.. I find that that's when I'm not depressed. When I'm looking at other peoples stories and ways to make the game safer. People that I found were Brian Roberts, Taylor Twellman, etc. I also recently found this study on helmets and it's called the 'HITS'. If you ever go back to playing lax you should consider speaking to your school/team about getting this program.. If you google HIT System it will come up. There are sensors in the helmet and there's a wire connected to a computer so if you get hit it automatically goes to the computer and they can see the speed of the impact, where the impact hit, the history of the certain pla<x>yer, and etc. So that's definently something to think about.

I realize this is coming like almost a month after your post but I totally get what your saying. Almost two months ago I hit my head while at drill and I haven't been allowed to anything since. I've been hospitalized over night and had two MRIs done which of course showed nothing. The only thing that helps is rest and LOTS of it. I'm a very active person so this concept has made me really really depressed. My friends don't get it and neither do my family. However I'm starting to recover! It takes time but it will happen. I was having massive headaches and I couldn't sleep and when I did I'd have awful night terrors so I'm on Amytriptiline now (It's also and anti depressant so it helps with that). Anyway what I'm trying to say is you're not alone!! Good luck!

Thats crazy, everything you just said is happening to me. I'm just like you..i can't sit for an hour and do nothing, im so used to being active, and now its still with me, i can't take it. Im on anti depressants, and i never sleep. I sleep for 2 hours a night then go to school. The weird thing is im never tired from it, seems like i dont feel anything. I went 5 days without eating and didnt even feel hungry.

There is purpose though and you will get over this, it just takes time for your body to heal. I went back to the doctors 2-3 times - though only through nagging from my friends and family - try going back explaining how you are now feeling. I improve as long as I get sleep and don't overtire myself - I still get confused and suffer memory loss but it is slowly getting better. I took lots of vitamins, and realised this wasn't going away quickly so have accepted how to handle things better. I know its hard when you're young especially but you will recover x

I know how you are feeling - you were lucky though in that you had scans etc at hospital and people told you what had happened - I was released from hospital not knowing I had concussion! I had no scans, no advice sheets and it took several days before I fully understood what had happened. I was totally disorientated. You will gradually start to improve but you really do need to look after yourself - as I've discovered after talking to others and researching a bit more - make sure you get lots of sleep, don't overtire yourself and gradually things will improve. I know it sucks when all you want to do is normal stuff, but you do have to pace yourself. I started to recognize the signs of feeling unwell, so that made it easier to cope with, also tell people you don't feel right instead of struggling on. The symptoms can take a year to ease so be prepared for a long haul.<br />
I've suffered alot from the emotional side effects, I felt down, depressed, mood swings and I've wanted to cry at the slightest thing and also not wanted people around me, this is slowly improving though. Hope this helps you and take care of yourself x

I cant sleep, i try and try, end up going to bed around 4 in the morning because i feel so sick and dizzy. I just get so down, I've always felt like i just wanna go and theirs no purpose