I Got Hit....hard

I'm a science teacher in a middle school and I had one of my male students after school to make up missing assignments, not unusual because my students make up missing labs and assignments after school because its too hard to send lab materials home for them to do them there. I had one student still there, not exactly happy but still working, when he pointed to a problem in the book and said this is bullshit. I let the language issue slide because sometimes ya gotta pick your battles, and went over to the table he was working at to read the problem he thought was so terrible. As I looked down to read the problem, the next thing I knew he was punching me in the face. He hit me hard enough to give me an instant black eye around the outer edge of my left eye and temple area where his fist hit. I had a few issues, blurry vision, nausea, forgetting little things but powered through the next 3 days of school because I live in a place small enough that it doesn't have any subs and I didn't want to leave my students or co-workers in a lurch. I finally saw a doctor and they had me get an immediate CT Scan, showing massive swelling, which led her to the conclusion that I had a severe concussion. That was 2 weeks ago, she has had me on a no work restriction for 2 weeks, and a minimal technology restriction for 2 weeks (I'm allowed 10 minutes a day of either TV or computer time). I am still out of work for another week at least, and my boss is on my case, says that I'm milking the system and manipulating the doctor to get time off. Seriously I wanted to get hit, have severe migraine level headaches, not be able to see straight, think straight, or function as normal...........who would want this!? SERIOUSLY!! Why is this my fault? Anyway I'm pretty sure that this is the worst experience of my life, and I have broken/sprained/fractured/torn 15 different parts of myself (some repeatedly) but this is the worst of all those accidents. This is beyond frustrating, I'm a teacher I want to be at work teaching, well I'm starting to get nauseous again due to the computer screen so before I throw up I'm going to sign off....but does anyone else find their concussion experience to be the most frustrating process they've ever been through? Is it really my fault?
livininnowhere livininnowhere
26-30, F
Nov 27, 2012