2 Concussions In 2 Months

I was 12 (and still am) I was playing soccer for my travel team and I dove for the ball because I was the goalie and my head hit the ground and the ball deflected off the post and hit me in the back of the head. I kept playing. the second one happened two months later in January and I was playing basketball and the point guard was running right at me and I stopped so I could draw the charge. he knocked me over and I hit the back of my head. I kept playing again. Now it is hard for me to concentrate while in school and I made both concussions worse by keep playing and not telling my coaches my head hurt. so if you landed on your head and its hurts get out of the game which I didn't.
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Hi there! I'm so sorry for this turn of circumstances. Firstly, I think its really important that you acknowledge the situation you're in. To let you know where I'm coming from, I'm a freshman in high school, and have had 5 concussions and had to quit soccer because of it...
Concussions are different from other injuries because no doctor's equipment or medicine with heal you. You can take pain meds for the headache, and MRIs for the evaluation, but its YOUR BODY that takes care of itself. It is beyond critical that you take care of yourself and allow your head to recover. To get a professionals opinion, see a neurologist. I saw a neurologist after my 5th concussion (playing soccer) and he told me to do the following things: Stay home from school for a week, use/observe minimum to no technology, hydrate myself regularly, and stay completely relaxed. Did you do these things, or have you? If not, it would be a good idea to give your brain a break. As for the concentration aspect in school, don't worry, its a total symptom of concussions and since you posted this in January, should have gone away by now. My advice would be to take a break from sports, as would a neurologist's. I know its not ideal, but its your health we're talking about, which is always a priority. Hope this helps love, I give you my best!

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