What a Trip That Was...

This stems from another story, "I was in a car accident".

I didn't really know till after the fact, that I was even suffering from one.

When it happened, I had also bruised my knee, so that had most of my focus.

The day of the accident.  My mom said that she was fine, so I was fine.  I had asked if I could go get checked out, just in case.  She refused.

I had a chat room that I was chatting in at the time.  They kept urging me to go, but my mom kept saying no.

Anyway,  I was told later, like a week or so later, that I did seem like something was very wrong.  Some of my "friends" said that I would start talking about something, stop, then end it.  Like I was cutting out the middle completely.

My mind would just blank things out and I wasn't aware of it.

In my own experience, I know people tend to feel sleepy after an injury like that.  I don't remember feeling sleepy.  It took quite some time for the adrenaline to wear down.

I don't even really remember when I "came back" from it, so it must've been just enough of a concussion to mess with my mind, but not too severe.
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You were right to want to get checked out. When that happens a lot of times right after the accident sometimes you won't even feel any pain. That is why they say you should get checked out within the first 24 hrs after an accident. I have heard people say that the next day parts of their bodies are so sore and they weren't even aware they had been injured.