I Really Enjoy It

I think it's fun to start a conversation with a total stranger. I've met so many funny, smart and friendly people in lines. I befriended a family at the  airport & we all  hung out the whole trip. Time went by in a snap. A stranger at the pet shop was an expert on tropical fish..we talked & I learned so much from him. I have talked to strangers &  we fell in love, got married & had a family   Keep an open mind and enjoy the few moments you gain with a person you don't know..It's a small world.  ;)      That's what I like about EP.Puts people together who would never in a lifetime meet.  Now you adore them.

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Senior citizens really like me..maybe I look safe..anyway..At our garage sale, a little old guy starts telling funny jokes. It was a riot. His wife just shook her head & continued looking. " Did ya hear about the guy who?'.. that sort of thing. He was charming . He definately likes talking to strangers too.

Who would imaging now we are Grand parents 40 years later..too cool.

Awww thank you Wiseowl.....sweet story...nice that you two could meet once and it turned into a marriage. :)

My best friend wanted to go to a dance.I didn't feel like going & she had to talk me into it. " Think of it this way..maybe you'll meet your future husband there". Oh sure ..I never would have guessed what happened. A shy guy..a soldier..started talking to me. We talked a lot that night. He gave me his address & back to our worlds we went. We wrote & eventually fell in love. Married & had our family. I moved to Germany & then to another state to be with him. That was my stranger. :>)

Wiseowl, this is sooo true! We never know where a friendly conversation can lead....Really? fell in love , got married and had a family? <br />
If you haven't written the story already, please do Wiseowl! I would love to read it.<br />
And I so agree about the folks we meet on EP! :)