My First Cucumber.

My Master had left me a shopping list for the supermarket. On the list was several specific items, KY jelly, condoms, and a medium sized cucumber. He had told me he wanted a cucumber big enough to stretch me wider than I have ever been stretched. I had gathered the other items on the list and headed to the produce department.

There were so many cucumbers... This cucumber was long, but too slim. That one was wide, but too short to hit right. Were the people around me wondering why I was taking so long to pick a cucumber? I took a surreptitious look about. No one appeared to be watching me. In fact, the other shoppers seemed as engrossed in their own produce inspections. I wondered if anyone was here to pick produce to be used for something other than eating.

 I caught my breath when I saw the perfect cucumber. It was bumpy and fat. It looked like a thick **** covered in a cruelly ribbed green condom designed by a sadist for a twisted combination of pain and pleasure. I quickly turned and headed for the register, my heels clicking sharply as I marched with determination. I looked down at the sole cucumber in my hand and felt my face flush. My **** had started a slow throb. I placed all of my items on the convoyer and smiled as I paid my bill.

 By the time I got home, my need to *** was causing my hands to shake a bit as I scrubbed the cucumber. I hurried upstairs to my bedroom and clumsily pushed off my skirt and panties. Reaching the bed, I yanked the comforter to the floor, and then lay back on it. Knees bent, I reached down and spread my ***** lips. My ***** hole was small compared to the cucumber lying between my thighs, but I was so horny and wet. I knew getting the cucumber in would be no problem. As I pushed the vegetable inside me, pain of stretching was quickly replaced by unbelievable sensation of being filled completely. My back arched off the floor as my walls stretched.

 I could not stop pushing it in. My knees open, I rocked from side to side and rubbed my **** vigorously. I pushed down on the cucumber again. The attempt had me screaming aloud. My abused ***** was resisting. I stopped and slowly pulled the cucumber out and squirted more lubrication on the cucumber. Mixture of KY jelly and my own excitement made the cucumber very slippery. It slipped from my grip several times as I lined it up with my hole again.

 On my back, I pictured Master at his most wicked and opened my thighs shoved the cucumber in one swift stroke. I rocked my hips against it and gasped. It still hurt. My screams and moans were getting louder. I held the cucumber and allowed my ***** adjust. Bit by bit, sensations other than the ripping pain penetrated. I felt the bumps. My hips began to move faster. I eased the cucumber out and then back into my tight hole. My free hand alternated between squeezing my nipples and rubbing my ****. My ***** juices began to leak down the crack of my *** as I continued to **********.

 It wasn't enough. I flipped over onto all fours and began to jut my ***** back like I was being ****** doggy style making the cucumber hit the back of my ***** causing my whole body stiffened as my ***** squeezed the cucumber as a powerful ****** rippled through my body. Gasping for air, I leaned forward with my cheek against the floor and slowly pulled the cucumber out. I stayed positioned with my *** in the air and my ***** wide until my breathing returned to a normal rate. I look across the room to the camera in the corner. Hope I Master will be pleased with my movie :).  True Story.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Wow! if I may say, you are an excellent writer! I'm sure your master was very pleased. I'm excited for my first cucumber-which was promised would be in a few days.

Sounds like a fun evening. There is a sense of accomplishment, something perversely pleasing about stretching yourself to the point of pain and forcing yourself through it. And then the feeling the next morning, the reminder of your success. :)

I'm sure your Master enjoyed the show.