I Have Had A Dark And Stormy Night, Part 1

I Have Had a Dark and Stormy Night, part I

It started with telling my boyfriend(at the time) bye. He was going to hang out with a friend, and we had finished a somewhat weird conversation, about strange things, like new experiences we were having, what we wanted to do next, how we thought this was all going to play out. It sounds silly to think about what all we were talking about. It was from about this time to past the afternoon of the next day that everything started to feel like a dream.

My boyfriend had asked me about a book, and then asked to borrow it. I told him he could, but I was just about to read it, then he could borrow it. The book is called A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife by Daniel Quinn(the guy who wrote Ishmael) and Tom Whalen. After I walked back inside, I picked the book up off the shelf, and started kind of casually reading it. This is where things start to get a little hazy. Something had happened to time, it had started to warp. The wind had already started by this time, I think it had started before(or while) me and my boyfriend were talking. The wind kept on picking up, without any rain at all. I can't remember if there was lightning or thunder, but I do remember that it was noisy.

I'm not sure if I can totally recall this “experience” in a completely linear way. It started as the sun was going down, maybe an hour before sunset and “ended” at some time the next morning. I guess it was probably around 11am. One problem with this is that all I remember doing that night is reading that book, but the book is only 135 pages long. I read maybe 10-15 pages of another book, and maybe took a few breaks, to look for this other book at one point. Other things I remember doing was stopping to put on warmer clothes, finding a notebook to take notes in, looking for a couple of items I had been “told” that I needed.

So atleast I started it.  A beginning is good.

kattekens kattekens
31-35, F
Aug 12, 2010