Grandmother, 96 Died

It was Sunday the 11th of November 2007 I was 10 years old, my Nana had decided months before that she was going to take to her bed (she was angry because my mother, father and me went away for a weekend back in August to celebrate my Birthday), well on that Sunday morning she had shown signs that were maybe not so obvious at the time, but were extremely obvious afterwards such as: when the homehelp arrived the first my Nana asked was "will you help me to the toilet" the Homehelp did that and when the homehelp helped her back to bed my Nana wouldnt let go of her arm, eventually she did, the homehelp phoned the house (this was approx 8am) my parents went up. I woke up around 11am, I got up and looked around the house for my parents, I went to my desk and saw a note it said "gone to Nana's -Mum", I ran myself a bath, washed quickly, brushed my teeth, got dressed etc. and was about to leave the house to go to my Nana's house (she lived literally up the road from us) and as I opened the front door to leave I saw my Dad come down the road on his own (it was his mother) he walked straight passed didn't speak, I knew as I'd expected when I read the note, that she was going to die so I went up the road, my mother was standing at the neighbour's fence speaking with the two neighbours (they looked after my Nana while we were away, on many occasions) I asked my mum if my nana had died she said "yes". I went up to my Nana's house with my mum, when we got in I asked if I could see the body, my mum said yes. I went in and looked at her, she looked just like she was sleeping. That night I thought of all the memories of being at my Nana's, the amount of times that I said that I didn't want to go and see her because she's in bed. I stayed up till 4am and then I went to bed and was asleep in minutes it was the best night's sleep I've ever had and I don't know why...

The day of the funeral was the worst for me we arrived at the Church, there was all the people. My dad organised the funeral (even though he's the youngest child of my Nana), he wasn't too pleased to see his brother and sister (they don't get on now, but that's a different story) though he still shook their hands (his brother and sister were more reluctant than he was), once the service was finished we left the church and speaking to people before the service would continue at the Graveyard, I saw my other Grandmother come out of the Church, I ran up to her and hugged her and I burst into tears for the first time since my Nana died, my Granny started crying too. I felt really guilty making my Granny cry, because I adored her. I was alright for the rest of the day. I learnt a while after that, that my Nana had left money to all her children and grandchildren 7 years before she died so all her money was given to them at that time (she inherited the money from a brother of her's that died then, he had a lot of money (he'd had shares in Thornton's chocolates)), I also found out she left me a bit extra because I used to visit her everynight.
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