There Is Paranormal Activities Around Us

I have had too many experiences in my life to deny there is no paranormal beings such as ghost,etc.
Believe it or not they do happen and they do exist. There has been too many people with simuliar
activities to deny this.
As for myself I had a haunted house that had me in terror for a year before I moved out.
I got to the point I couldn't relax wondering what might happen next.
When we bought the house the lady that sold it to us said it was haunted.
I remember just letting out a chuckle when she told me this. I was a non believer at the time.
We were in the house two years before I found out differantly. My son David was the first to encounter
the transparet hooded looking grim reaper glideing down the hall way.
I had gone grocery shopping and returned home to find him in tears. He explained to me what he saw
and was petrified. I tried to comfort him and went about my business.
A week later my son and I were in the basement getting some frozen food out for dinner.
We both sensed some one approching us. There in the hallway about three feet off the floor gliding towards us was the same
transparent figure my son had seen before. Stunned we just froze stareing at this coming our way.
Right in front of us it seemed to jitter around and go back gliding down the hall and up the stairs.
We followed and found no one up there. Later on we headed for bed and before doing so we closed all the doors going down the hall way.
As we all just got comfortable in our beds we heard a door slam open. I got up and saw the bath room door was wide open.
And the water had been turned on full blast from the faucet. I didn't understand what was going on but had an idea our ghost was back.
I again closed the door and went back to bed. Several minutes later we heard the door opening and closing as we laid there. I told my husband at the time you get up and see what's going on. I was too scared too and my son was crying in fear.
He got up and again found the water running and shut it off ,closed the door and returned to bed.
That continued off and on all night. We got up the next morning and put on a pot of coffee wondering what really was going on.
As we were standing there my son and I felt someone behind us breathing heavily in our ears.
This sent chills down our necks at this point. Our little dog started barking at something at this point right at our feet. We soon packed our bags and found some where else to live putting the house on the market.
There were other incidents in time in our lives that have happened. It seems they follow us now.
But that's another story in time. Believe in the paranormal around us? You bet they exist. If your a non believer like I was at one time
just keep your eyes open.
They pop into your life at their own time frame. Just be aware they are there.

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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

I saw a white smoky shadow like a white net silk fabric @ veil floating in my room for a few seconds!<br />
This happened to me few times when my husband went outstation. I bring my 2 kids sleep in our master bedroom. I notice it only appear when my husband not around & only in our room. When i saw it the first time, kinda look like white smoke. I ignored it cos thought that it could have been a retinal trick because i weren't quite awake yet. Then last night, I was sleeping & suddenly I feel my feet itchy, thought what insect could be biting my feet at night? I opened my eyes, I was fully awake & saw the floating light, swaying back & forth. This time it was very clear & looks like a white net silk fabric @ veil. It about my size few feet away. I watch till it disappear, then I went back to sleep. I don't know what it was but I do know that it was there & I saw it! <br />
<br />
Mark S - BA in psychology explained... it sounds like ectoplasm. A ghost, in other words. It's also possible that you were having a semi-lucid dream or that you were in a quasi-sleep walking state. A lucid dream is one in which you realize that you're dreaming and "wake up" (become conscious, similar to your waking state) in the dream, but there are states in between normal dreaming and lucid dreaming. In a "sleep walking" state, you may not actually get up and walk, you may sit up with eyes open, but still be dreaming. It's unusual for adults to begin sleep walking spontaneously, however, and if you never had sleep walking episodes as a child then that explanation is unlikely.<br />
But i need more explanation for this. Has anyone experienced similar phenomena? Can anyone please explain?