Evil Lurks Among Us : Beware

I was visiting a old class mate from our high school days. We happened to be down stairs in the basement looking for our old high school annuals.
Way back towards a empty dark bedroom were some boxes we thought they might be in.
We reached in and grabbed one of them and my friend sat down on the bed near by to take a look.
As she was thumbing through the book the bed room door slammed shut. Thinking that the wind may have slammed it shut I tried to open the door.
It felt like some one on the other side was holding the door shut. I continued to pull and turn the handle but was loosing the battle. I yelled is anybody there?
There was no answer just silence and a cold chill in the room. Suddenly my friend started yelling ,kicking,slugging at something I couldn't see. Her legs appeared to be pulled shut tight and then forced up towards her chest.In the mean while she was yelling let go of my legs and leave me alone. At this point she was petrified at what was going on. I could see no one only the movements of her legs being pulled up to her chin.
She was screaming in fear and alot of pain. I told her I don't see any one to help you! I grabbed hold of the door knob again and the door opened to try and get help. My girl friend yelled in the name of Jesus be gone. From that moment on my friend felt relief off of her legs.
We ran up stairs not believing what had just happened. Who would believe us?
To this day we believe evil was in that room with us that day. Was it the Devil himself or one of his followers?
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1 Response Jul 14, 2010

I have seen demons 3 times and never did they follow a Universal Good. My guess is that's what was in the room. A nice spirit will touch you, or whisper towards you to get your attention, a good one would never hurt you.