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Footprints In The Snow

During the Winter of my 12th year, I encountered the small foot prints again. It was a bright, clear morning after a Nor' Easter had dropped close to two feet of snow on us. I was out walking around the yard thigh deep in the fresh, cold powder. I noticed something odd. There was a set of footprints in the new fallen snow. This was the morning after a major Winter storm. There was little or no chance that anyone would have been out roaming in the snow filled blackness of the previous night. The tracks came across an open field on the other side of the street, through our yard and down into the back woods. I got a chill when I got close to the foot prints because I realized that they were small, like a toddler's feet. I knew those tracks. They were the same ones that were on the porch on the morning of the visit of the Howler. I followed the tracks down the hill. There, I stopped dead and my heart jumped into my throat. At the bottom of a small rise the tracks seemed to split. The left foot went in one direction and right in another! That scared me just looking at it. The tracks, each foot on its own path, disappeared into the woods. I didn't follow them further. I did stand for a long time looking at the small footprints. I tried to puzzle out what I was looking at. I was 12 at the time, not a small child. I could think. And I couldn't find an explanation for what I was seeing. Soon enough, I ran back to the house and went inside. I never mentioned the tracks to anyone.
Dave748 Dave748 46-50, M 52 Responses Aug 26, 2010

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Well it really sound Scary!!!

That is very interesting. I have heard similar stories. I believe and have experienced a lot of paranormal things in my life

That's a really interesting story. I am so fascinated...

I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Is it weird this happened to me a year ago like 5 day before Christmas

Did it really? Tell me about it.

Well my family is Chickasaw and tell me stories bout how bloodline relatives come to those who r worthy . Well I was in my my room and heard a strange knocking on the outside of the house so I look outside. No one was there but there was snow and I decided to make a snow man. Now I don't have siblings of my own and I'm and only child. So when I went out side I started to walk towards a fresh pile of snow when I noticed small baby like foot prints leading to the back yard. Like I said I have no siblings do no baby to make those kind of footprints . I started to follow them they lead all the way into this peace of land that my family has owned for centuries which were just basically the woods that a tribe used to live on. I followed halfway through the woods following the prints and I started to notice that they were morning I to adult size foot prints . Then I hit this big tree and that's where the prints split like yours did and well when I walked towards the print u got the feeling if I kept going something strange was going to happen. Fear was creeping into my mind but when I started to follow my mom called me in so I never got to follow the prints all the way but my friends say it could've been an old spirit of our tribe trying to lead me to something but I'll never know

I wonder if we had the exact same experience?

Hard to know but I really wanna know the name of this thing

I would like to know too. Some small spirit.

Yeah but mine morfed into adult size but more or less quite the same

Spirit can take many forms.

Your rite

I think that the howler I encountered may have been a banshee, but I'm not sure.

It would make sense as to where it splits its self into two but for what reason as to come in the form of a baby makes no sense

There are some who believe that a spirit can grow from our own energy and that it starts out as a childlike being.

Holy crap u tellin me I made a baby/adult ghost that's not gonna flow with my parents

It can happen, yes.

Wow u know at a point I thought it to be a demon so when I got back to my room I prayed for a hour straight outta fear

Praying was smart. We always want to make sure that only beings of the light can come near us.

It just felt like the rite thing to do

We should always trust our feelings especially in matters of spirit. I once saw something and I just knew it was evil. Scared the daylights out of me.

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O.O that's freaky, lol, I read both stories. And I am one of those that believe there are a lot of odd things in this world and goings on. As for your grandma, I think a lot of the older generations kept more from us. I have a simple way of keeping the bad away from me, I say repeatedly. I do not believe. I do believe, lol, but I think in that moment if you can take away it's strength it's power over you, you take away it's ability to hurt you. Been using that one since I was a kid ;)
the dark things only come for those who believe

I think you are right and I think you are wise. I do believe though so I have to rely on other methods of protection.

If I knew of other ways I would try. what do you do?

I use burning sage and prayer. I surround myself with white light and tell the universe that only beings of light are welcome around me.

Sounds like you had written this out like a book it's either an experience that was very true and you'd never forgotten. Or a lie made up for pure entertainment just like anybody's could be. Yet what you spoke is "rare" but can happen it's more then i can speak or tell you.
What happened that night let's just say it shouldn't have even happened but sometimes things happen that shouldn't it wasn't a child no matter how harmless or little it seemed.
And it wasn't something that is human.
If you followed it you may have been scared to death or you'r body found the next day. let's just say see it again don't follow it.

It really happened.

I can never confirm that.

Indeed not.

weird things really happen.

twin souls walking in sync and then hopping away on one foot when split? more than divided in movement... divided in ability... i wonder where the two paths led... maybe to meet each other again.

A fascinating take on it!

Well written, gave me goosebumpsđź‘Ť



It still gives me goose bumps.

Maybe it was some guy in a helicopter who took some toddler shoes, then flew around, stamping them on the ground, in the hopes of confusing some 12 year old boy.

Maybe a hot air balloon. I would have heard a helicopter.

I love ghost stories. I like to watch paranormal shows on TV. When my older brother and I were very young, he saw a little girl covered in white blanket standing and smiling next to him while he was urinating standing up in the bathroom. It was 3 am and very dark since he did not turn on the light. He thought it was me but when the little girl walked through the wall he realized it was a ghost. My mom told him our late sister was probably came to visit. He never saw her again.

Me too, I watch all those shows. I lived in a haunted house for 3 years and was glad to move!


I have not explanation for what I saw.

maybe those were foot prints of a toddler. After intersection you never saw footprints is because his father might have carried him in hands and he wasn't required to walk after intersection

Why didn't I see the footprints of a larger person? This wasn't on a street, it was in a snow covered field.

maybe he got buried under snow. Snow fall occurred in that particular region where his footprints were lost

If his prints were lost why weren't the small prints lost?

it didn't snow in some area

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I love reading this story.... Obviously what/whoever it was saw something in you. Why else would you have been allowed to see what you did....

I'd like to think so, April.

Interesting story Dave, that must have been eerie being out in the snow by yourself and seeing this incomprehensible divergence of tracks

It really was. It has stayed with me to this day.

Is that one of your stories ? Good job if it is !!!

Its a true story.

After reading this, I'm glad I am not alone tonight :)

There are things that walk the night. It is better that they walk alone.


Sounds like two troublemakers on pogo sticks to me Dave.

Wow....I would've loved to seen this.....although perhaps not at age twelve. Fascinating.

It made an impression!

I'd say so!

It started a life long interest in the paranormal.

wow that is strange! awesome story.

It was creepy. It made an impression on me.

Yes those types of things are creepy when they happen and they do leave a lasting impression, I wonder what it was that was leaving these footprints

To this day, I wonder. I have since found out that I have Irish heritage. I think the Howler may have been a banshee.

Me too! My mom's side is Irish. I STILL have some of the same things happening to me since I wrote my story in "I believe in the paranormal." I had a paranormal investigation done, it was an eye opener, but it doesn't stop anything. I've just learned to live with it. Long live the Irish! : )

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That was a beautifully written story! I heard in some cultures that spirits of relatives can reincarnate into the same one's ancestor presumably can be reborn into one's descendant... this made me think of that.

Thank you! What an interesting thought! I shall consider it.

Beautifully written, the words are flowing, flying, sliding with the soul, great joy to read, thank you for share. As for the thing you've seen, was strange and scary but it did not harmed you so if you would have not run who knows, could've beed friendly...

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the tale.

You story really intrigued me,after reading it again, I thought,"small person": " Nature Spirit" some people actually believe in them and I would not discount them.

That is what I assume as well.

Holy ****, dude...

That was a truly frightening experience. When in the unknown is right there, right in front of you, you can't deny it.

I think it's more than just fear of the unknown. Maybe we have a hidden instinct coded into us. A fear of the spiritual energies all around us, some of which might not be too friendly.

Agreed. Naturalists conducted a study on the North American moose by exposing them to the scent of Bengal tigers. The moose reacted with fear even though their species had not encountered tigers in tens of thousands of years. Perhaps we have a similar instinct with regard to the spirit world.

Perhaps, indeed.

If you'd like, I can share my encounter with an orange orb with you as well.

Orange orb? Sure. Orbs don't scare me ^.^

Normally, orbs don't scare my either. This one did. It was about three am on a Summer's night. I got up to answer the call of nature. I looked out my open bedroom window. A glowing orange orb rose out of the field across the street, hovered for a moment, and then shot off into the sky. I was stricken with fear, the hair on the back of my neck stood out. I ducked away from the window so it wouldn't "see" me. I knew, in my heart, that it was bad. I closed the window before I went back to bed. Recently I've read magazine articles that indicate that orange orbs can be malevolent.

That's odd. Don't think it's scare me unless I saw one, though. :P


Just one of those experiences that stick with you. It may seem as if I've had many encounters, but over the course of a fifty year life span, my experiences are few and far between.

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You are a good writer. I loved your story, only wish I were the writer you are, thanks for the good example .

Thank you. I hope to be published one day. I am working on a novel.

that is crazy!!!!!! thank you for sharing your story! i will have to tell you mine sometime when i am more awake.

I can't wait to hear it.

That is crazy I believe in ghost but never seen anything like that. Wish I knew what was in the woods though. Left me curious

Today, as an adult, I'm curious too. I would have followed the tracks now. As a kid, I was scared.

I bet would have been scared myself

It was just wrong. It freaked me out.

Lol I still get freaked I'll get a creepy feeling when no ones home. Gives me shivers

I know that feeling. I'll have to tell you about the orange orb that scared the bejesus out of me one night.

Yes do tell please

One night when I was 17 I got up at three am to answer the call of nature. I looked out my open bedroom window. I saw an orange orb rise out of a back yard across the street. It hovered for a second and shot off into the sky. What was even odder was my reaction to it. I ducked back from the window so it wouldn't "see" me. My hair stood on end. I knew, I don't know how, I knew it was "bad". It scared me.

Holy **** that's creepy. When I was 20 I was driving at night and seen I flash if light go across the road in front of me. There was no other road. It came across a field and went in the woods on the other side. It was fast not sure what it was tho

It could have been many things. Its always creepier when you're alone.

Yes it is I locked my doors lol

I don't blame you. Wonder what it was? Just a flash of light?

Yeah it just streaked across the ground almost like head lights but there was no other road.


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do you want to keep encountering Ghost Encounter you can ignore this but if you would to stop the Ghost Encounter you can contact the to help you stop this Ghost Encounter man people have been there with all kinds of problems at the end of the day they always go home happly.

I like my ghost encounters. I'm not afraid.

alright bro .

Thanks for offering.

I think children are "shown things" more than adults because of their innocence. I loved your story! : )

I agree with you and thank you.

My ghost story is here now, check it out. We had a "paranormal investigation" and made a video of it. U can find it on "You tube," it's called "Crazy Orbs." If U have a facebook account it's under "The Spirit Seekers," they do investigations free, but only in OR. My story posted here is titled "What Do They Want." I like yer stories Dave748.

I will check it out.

Okay! : ) WOW, you have alot of friends, took me a while to find where I posted at, LOL!

*L* :-) Glad you found me.

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