Shadow Visitor

i have a very close buddy named Richard.Richard,to say the least is out there.he has a very high IQ,is an artist,and is pedigreed and paper trained when it comes to women.i have known him for about 30 years.he came into my life with an introduction from my best friend,yet another Richard.Richard m and his first wife and me,and my first wife used to hang around a lot.since the 2 Richard's lived about 45 miles away,whenever we would get togetther,we would spend the night.years ago,me and my first wife spent the night at Richard's house.his wife was a nurse and she got called in for the,it was just me,my wife and Richard,sitting around his family room.the night got late and i decided to go to bed.since in this room there was a hideaway couch,i pulled it out and retired.Richard went upstairs to his room.this family room was next to the kitchen and the kitchen doorway,opened to this room.i didn't sleep good that night because i felt there was a presence by us.i kept feeling like there was someone watching me.i kept seeing shadows.there was no one else in the house,and when Richard sleeps,hes dead until morning.especially since ha was martini-zed real well.i blew this off and never told a soul.then,in 1996,i found myself working in this same this time,Richard,as well as myself,were both Illinois,we get some brutal i decided,i would stay 3 nights with him in the house,and i didn't want to drive that far in the winter on back to the couch,yet again,Richard upstairs.then after midnight,i see a complete shadow apparition,crossing the kitchen doorway.this continued3 or 4 since i had seen this,i thought oh well and went to sleep.the next day,i asked Richard about this and told him what i had seen.then he told me the shadow was his dead father.evidently he died in the room i was in,and on the same couch......this was a bit unnerving as it was a full body apparition.i went home that weekend and told my wife about the adventure.she was really weired out about it.months went by,i kept staying in the house,3 nights a week,then spring hit.Richard went down to Florida to see his relatives.he wanted me to house i had my wife come up,and spend the week.she too.saw the shadow threat,just pure black moving shadow.this went on constantly.finally i got another job,another town,and the house was sold.Richard went to Florida.i stopped by the house a while ago,checked with the new owners,they too see the shadow man.i have contacted ghost hunters to flim this.who knows,you may see the shadow man yourself on TV is an experience you never get over or forget.if it wasn't a kind spirit,god it would have been unnerving.

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this is my first time visiting this site, and i have had a similar experience to this. i hope to share it soon

according to ghost hunters,it is rare to see shadows.shadows are like a blob of dark energy,yet you can barely see throgh them,unlike regular shadows.yet,it takes quite a bit of energy for a spirit to try and manifest itself to a shadow,and is very rare to see whats known as a full body aparition.what that is ,is a almost perfect outline of a person with head,body,legs.since this is spirit energy,the shape will still be somewhat distorted,like an outline with sqiggly i said,if the entity was bad,it would have scared me to death.sometimes,at night,if you go to a cemetery,point and shot a digital camera with flash,you can pick shadows on certain stones,that you didnt see until you go through your pictures.sometimes,you may also capture sparkling auras around stones,you didnt see,until you get the pictures looked those experiences are really strange.i sometimes would go to a familar spot in the woods,shoot a flash picture,and sometimes,on rare occassions,you can get sparkling sprite or fairy energy pictures.although to get those,you really need to go to almost virgin timberstands,without human interference.these are rare in the us,but are quite common in europe.