Haunted For A Life Time

It seems I'm one that has an uncanny ability to see spirits,apparitions and ghost.
This started way back in nineteen eighty where I encountered a poltergeist figure
gliding down the hall way towards my son and I.Not believing what we were seeing
I said to my son do you see what I see? And he replied yes mom I do.This figure just
stopped short of reaching us and jittered  around and glided up the stairs. Later that night
we had many things happen in that house.From slamming doors to the water faucets being
turned on.That's another story I have written and has happened to me. I have had about four events
now through time happen to me. If you want to read the weird encounters just read my stories.
This latest encounter happened to me about four months ago. I'm in a different house now since my last haunting.
They seem to follow me know matter where I move too.I was sitting down stairs and heard a crash in my bedroom
so went up to check it out. My old antique wing back chair had been thrown over and lay several feet from it's original
spot. This freaked me out and so picked the chair back up and returned it to it's original spot. Then I went down stairs and grabbed
my Bible and said a ritual with in the name of Jesus Christ be gone. This seemed to work until two nights ago.
I sleep sometimes in the quest room since my husband works a strange work shift and I don't want to wake him.
As I went to the guest room and laid down in bed I just turned over to get comfortable. I felt someone sit down on the bed so I turned
over to see what or who it was. It started to appear like a projection in a movie and disappeared before  I fully saw what it was.
It looked human shape but couldn't't tell who or what it was . I sensed this was peaceful maybe a person from my family like my parents
or who knows? An angel looking after me? Anyways it's all very strange things that I encounter.

I have a sister who sees these things also and now another sister who encounter a ghost or spirit with me in a hotel room in Idaho State on our
vacation. She never believed me or in ghost until we had one shuffle a deck of invisible cards above our heads. Later this spirit  or who knows ?
spun the wheels on my sisters suit case laying on top of the bed. Now she believes me. Haunted for a life time I'm beginning to believe so.

Makes life and the unknown just a little bit more interesting. Believe me or not! 

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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Sounds like spirits are attracted to you. We see and hear them for many different reasons. I started hearing and seeing things around age two, my family said. Now that I'm older and have saw and heard all kinds of things I have learned to communicate with them. If you are ok with trying you could start off slow and see where this leads you. When I was a teen, I would close my eyes and focus on just one spirit. Until I could see the spirit in front of me. With my eyes still closed I would talk to it. Usually I never got answers. But some will answer you. I figured out years later the more energy they have the better odds you have of this. I would leave the tv on and lamps and such. I would tell the spirit you are welcome to use the energy from these sources. I can't tell you how many times I would come home from work at 2:00 am, with the light bulbs burnt out. It really freaked me out lol. But I was learning and trying anything to be able to communicate. Now my tvs turn off on me and my kids and family, light bulbs burn out often, and I know why. Anyway those things worked for me, but I think you are gifted, and if spirts know you can see them or hear them they will bother you for the rest of your life.

Just to me it sounds like the ghosts or spirits or angles are trying to contact you in any form or matter.Get in contact with someone that maybe can help with this matter.I would one night sit down in a room and let them try and talk to you .You maybe the link they need for this other side ,I had my dad visit me not long after he passed away.He come to let me know he was ok and everything will be fine.Once or twice had a dark sharp and cold feeling around me,didn't feel right these ones should be left alone.good luck with yours.