I Think My Bf's House Is Haunted...

I am new to this type of site but felt like I really need to share my experience(s) and get some advice. I have been encountering some weird things in my bf's house more than ever lately. So a few different things have occured. A few months ago, I heard in the corner of the room, which is next to my side of the bed some strange noises. It sounded like either someone at first dropped change on the floor or marbles. Didnt think too much of it at first because someone occupies upstairs, but the sound continued. I realized it sounded like someone was in the corner for quite some time playing with marbles. It was probably about 2am so I knew it couldnt be coming from upstairs, plus the sound was way too close to me for it to be occuring on the above floor. So after that encounter, a few months went by and I experienced something new. I randomly woke out of my sleep one night and had to use the restroom. No biggie because obviously sometimes this happens to people. As I got up from my side of the bed and walked towards the door, there was a shadowy figure. It was the color green and as I was walking closer to it, it was moving away from me. I wasn't afraid though and actually felt at ease which made me believe that this must of been a good spirit. I decided to share my experiences with a few people that have also encountered these type of things and everything was fine. But I opened my mouth to a friend of mine the other day, who has never experienced any paranormal activity, and as crazy as this may sound, I feel like I might of upset the spirits? Because the other night, I had a horrific nightmare about dead bodies while sleeping at my bf's house. Now, last night was the most fearful experience of all. Something about his bedroom but I prefer falling asleep with the tv on, so last night I did that again. He woke up around 1:30 am and shut it off. The second he turned off that tv, I was awoken and felt very uneasy and afraid. I didnt want to turn it back on because I know its difficult for him to sleep with the tv on, so I decided to just brush my fears aside and try to go back to sleep. Finally, around 3:30 am, I had a really bad nightmare, involving someone telling me that my father was going to die. I have been a little on edge because my father has needed surgery on 2 seperate occasions recently and has been going for a lot of MRI's and checkups. So when being told this in my dream, I started screaming NOOOO!!! To my surprise, I actually started screaming out loud and woke myself and my boyfriend up. The weirdest thing about that was I heard myself screaming out loud and it was NOT my normal voice. It didnt even sound like me! It sounded like a man or some sort of muffled version of my voice! So after being woken up, I started feeling very afraid again and uncomfortable. Something evil was in that room with me and I know it. I thought I was seeing black shadows as well. Maybe I was just afraid and put that in my head, I dont know, but I know what I felt. I couldnt sleep, and I couldnt even understand what I was feeling. I would open my eyes and be afraid because of the black shadows. I was just terrified! It didnt make sense to me! Then this morning, after my bf woke up and left for work, I went to turn on the light. He has a ceiling fan which we usually keep on at night, but shut the light off. So this morning, as the fan on the ceiling fan was on, I went to pull the chain to turn the light on. The chain flew out of my hand and wrapped around the light. Not thinking of the fan being on, I went to untaggle it and hurt my hand on the fan. I was fine, no cuts or anything, but that has NEVER happened to me before. I turn that light on almost every day and never have an issue. This time the chain goes flying out of my hand, wraps around the light and then hits my hand while untaggling it?? I just feel like something evil is pushing me out of there. I am afraid to sleep at his house now, and dont want to tell him. He is not a believer in this type of stuff and I know he would think I am nuts. Should I brush my fears aside and continue to stay over his house? Or will this evil force hurt me next time? Is this all in my head maybe?  I really am looking for some advice on this. Please help me out. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanksss!!
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May 22, 2012