Hand In My Face

I feel dumb even writing this because I don't know what I believe. But I do know what I saw and what I heard and what I touched, so I'll just describe that. It was on a Tuesday morning around 5 am I think. I was asleep, but I had that feeling that you get when you subconsciously hear an external sound or know someone's trying to wake you up. And then I felt a tingling and a pressure near the bridge of my nose, near my forehead. I opened my eyes, shocked from being touched, and I saw a hand hovering in front of my face. My knee-jerk reaction was to punch it; it was like one half split-second after I saw it, my arm was swinging for it and it contacted and made a smacking sound when my hand hit the floating hand. Then I heard a thud next to my bed, presumably where the hand fell and hit the floor. I rolled over instantly and looked over the side of my bed, but nothing was there. I literally shook in my bed for the next hour and a half until I got up and had to get ready for the day, but I was freaked out for the next week. I didn't believe that **** like that happened. I would've called it a hallucination, but it didn't just wake me up and I didn't just see it. I touched it and heard it both when I contacted it and when it hit the floor. There definitely wasn't a body attached to the hand. I've tried to tell friends but everyone just kind of laughs, not in a mean way but in a way that says they're uncomfortable and not really sure what to do. I tried looking this stuff up on the Internet but everything's full of bullshit and it's hard to get past the weirdos and fake stories. I would just love to know how that whole thing was possible.
EponineBauer EponineBauer
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

There are many dimensions in our universe, Sometimes, we collide with another dimension. We are not alone and to think that we are is infantile and ignorant. You experienced something incredible. I have seen, heard and spoken to spirits of many kinds. Not because I seek them out but because they are there.