I Didn't Believe My Wife For Over A Year

Around August of 2010 my wife had been reading some books on astral projection. She was really excited about trying it and recommended I read the book "Journey out of the Body." Within a few days of her recommendation, she said she felt the bed vibrating. This was something she said the books said you would experience when you're leaving your body.

I have no idea why there was this mixture of out of body experience vibrations and the things that started happening. Probably within a week she said she felt something stroke her rear end and then another night she said it felt like something kicked the bed.

I didn't experience any of this and I thought she was imagining it all after having been captivated by those books. She began insisting that she had opened up some kind of portal by exploring this material.

I was at work one day and she texted me that a door swung open by itself. When I got home i pulled the door almost completely shut and then tapped it and it swung open. I surmised that the old building we lived in had shifted and that the swinging of the door was from its weight (it naturally hung open if you let go of it).

Then a few weeks later she emailed me pictures of this flimsy notebook sitting on its edge and partially opened. She had heard it fall and went to investigate. She was scared out of her wits from this because the notebook had hardly anything written in it except for her name and it was opened to that page with her name on it. (she had written her name in the book some time ago). She felt it was very unlikely that this notebook could have fallen and stayed on its edge or opened to that page. It was very flimsy and hard to get it to stand on edge like it was.

On separate occasions she said she felt cold air wash over her.

I didnt really buy any of this and even bought some halloween candy for the 'ghost'. She didnt think this was funny.

The thing that was unmistakable about all this was her absolute fear. She had never experienced hauntings and she was searching for reasons why at 42 she would be haunted. She believed this spirit was evil and wanted to harm her or both of us.

Some time later my stepson said he heard the kitchen cabinets opening and closing. I still had neither seen nor heard anything.

We eventually moved but my wife continued to claim something was lightly stroking her rearend when we slept. She was certain these ghosts wanted to drive us apart somehow. I don't know where she got that idea.

My wife started pulling out her ipad whenever she felt something strange and said she saw a white blob move across the screen when she was using the camera on it. She unfortunately wasnt recording so there was no proof, but I saw her face and saw the goosebumps on her arms. She was really scared.

One night I woke up and saw some darkish shape like a handkerchief kind of suspended by the door of our bedroom. I sat in bed and stared at this thing and thought for the first time in my life that I was looking at a ghost. I stared at it for about 15 seconds and suddenly it went rapidly to the ground at the foot of the bed. I got out of bed and walked over to where I thought it had gone and there was nothing there.

Probably two weeks after this my wife and I separated as she had said the ghosts wanted. We were talking online and she was explaining that the ghost had come into our life to drive us apart. I still don't know how she was coming up with that, but as she was saying this online to me, my bedroom light turned on by itself and the bedroom door started opening and closing by itself. There was no draft and even the central air wasn't running. The door wouldnt stop opening and closing so I took a gym bag and shoved it against the bottom of the door because it had no lock to stop it from swinging open and closed.

That night I went online and researched ghosts to find out how to get rid of this thing or things. I read you can burn sage but I didnt have any so I followed another piece of advice that said I should ask the ghosts politely to leave. I walked downstairs and asked the ghosts to leave and I had no more hauntings for over a month.

One night I thought I saw someone standing in another room with a look of malevolence in his eyes. I just walked right past that room and didn't investigate. I realized the ghost was back. I heard all kinds of creaking and popping noises in this house that I had never heard before and I kept seeing motions of some kind out of the corner of my eyes. When I turned to look there would be nothing there. I went to my bedroom and laid down. I heard what sounded like chains rattling outside my window. I'm not too sure about that.. I mean this was like a Disney Halloween Album. I heard some shrieks outside the window also. The lights were off in my bedroom and maybe the darkness played tricks on my eyes but I kept seeing that handkerchief like thing pop up and pop back down at the foot of my bed. I saw other shadows move in my room very briefly for just split seconds they were there and then gone. The noises outside the window continued and these shadow like things went on for probably about 10 minutes. Then I felt a very distinct and real pressure on my arm like someone poked me with their finger. Right after that, there was silence outside my window, the shadows stopped appearing and that handkerchief thing didnt come back. That was 7 months ago and I haven't seen or heard anything since.

I know this isn't as shocking as some of the other stories people have told, but my experience forced me to accept there are spirits among us.
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Eeeeeek, so creepy! Especially the malevolent thing you saw in an other room!

yeah when I would tell my family about things that were happening they thought I was on drugs lol.. not the case then I started to take pictures and in my pics there are all kinds of orbs in them and in one u can see like a skeletin man and a face of a little girl.. Now my family believes me but yeah love the story..Now everywhere I go and take pics u can see orbs in them and if I do a video u can see them fly around its so neat I have hundreds of pics of orbs..

Oh by the way, lol. No one believes me either. (well one of my friends thinks it's interesting but most are just like O.o) LOL, no point in me trying to prove it to them. It's something they have to experience for themself to believe. It really is one of those things.

I don't believe in "ghosts" or the common perception of them, but I have astral projected many times. Not lately, just haven't been up to....ugh....it's really quite amazing, but I lost my motivation for awhile, cuz it's kinda scary, the vibrations and all....but yeah, I have some stories on it. Feel free to check em out <3