The "Green Lady" At Berry College

In the late 80's I was just about to finish Berry College in northern Georgia.  I saw a ghost late one evening after returning to my dorm.  It had been raining, so at first I thought the image was a gathering of fog.  As I drove closer, I realized the "mist" was greenish in color, and the form was actually that of a young girl in antique clothing, hovering about a foot off of the ground.  I didn't wait around, but fled to my dorm.  My roommate thought I was crazy, as did my boyfriend.  Later that year, I overheard a guy telling another student of an experience he'd had earlier in the summer with a green ghost speaking to him at the camp he was attending on campus while a camp counselor.  After speaking with him for some time, it was concluded that it was indeed the same ghost, and the story of the "Green Lady" was born.

I haven't seen one since, but would love to be "sensitive" to other ghosts - I think.

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3 Responses Oct 8, 2008

Trust me, if you live with them for a long time, you grow sick of them

when i was little i saw a little girl floating in the doorway of parents room. she waved and smiled. i wasn't scared because at that time i was obsessed with the supernatural and i had read every book in the library about it. i think i was 5 or 6

thats so awesome i have actually lived with one..... lol thats a story i have shared... look at it its quite commical