every year on my grandfathers birthday he lets us know that he is still in our presence.

the first year we moved into our new house was about 2 years after his death. we woke up the morning of his birthday and made breakfast and we heard something crash in the living room. His picture had fallen off the wall. A few hours later while we were watching tv the chandelier in the foyer started moving back & forth. Not like the wind was blowing it...more like someone was swinging from it.

the year after that when we came home from visiting his grave (me, my mom, and my uncle) 2 of the red flowers that we had just laid on his headstone were sitting on the island in the kitchen. my first thought was that maybe we had just forgot some....then we realized that we picked them up on the way there....the flowers were never even in the house.....

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ive had video games move while staying the night in my friends house. in my old age ive given myself the excuse that someone moved them...but later a ghost walked towards me. ive also had a couple other strange things happen to me that make me sound quite crazy. like pockets on my pants dissapearing

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I'm so sorry for your loss!<br />
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