Saw a Ghost At the Berlin Wall

It was a cold January day in 1986 and I was a college student in an exchange program with many international students touring Berlin for the first time.  We were scheduled to cross into East Berlin and since I was the only American in the group I was separated from the fun and loving group of British and French girls I was with.  Americans had to cross into East Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie whereas other nationalities could cross at various points.

I went to use the bathroom and it was a huge room sort of like a library with bookshelves with a toilet.  Weird.  I looked out the window towards what was "The Wall" and I saw a young blonde woman wearing a flowing white dress riding bareback on a white horse.  She "seemed" to want me to see her.

I thought it was sooo symbolic.  And I thought is she even allowed to ride a horse there?  What about all the mean guards I had just read about at the museum at Checkpoint Charlie with the shoot to kill orders.


I looked away puzzled.  Looked at a book or two and then looked out the window again.  She was gone and I to this day wonder if I really saw what I saw.  I am one of those realistic scientific types that you would never be able to hypnotize, for instance.

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sometimes i wonder if what happened happened about my pockets dissapearing. my friend says to never question what we experience and not to go back on it...but i guess its normal for us scientific types to question it. the ghost that walked towards me however was completely and totally real.<br />
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how vividly can you rememebr this?

As my child and her friend pointed out in amazement "the it was a ghost horse!!" They only care about the horse part - they could care less about the enormous human suffering and oppression for now - was the horse oppressed?