I Ghost Dreamt of Man O'War's Groom


We had just moved into a development where they were putting up McMansions around the race track where the famous race horse was trained.  They even had the old rusty starting gate the horses used.  We were the first ones to move in this section.

That first night, I dreamt I was in the kitchen with my youngest.  She was about 5 years old at the time and I was instructing her to do something.  She wouldn't respond and when I implored her to, she said "I'm sorry Mommy but I was afraid of the clown."  I looked at what she was looking at and was startled to see an African American man standing there glaring at me.  I remember the eyebrows and the nose and the cheeks distinctly.  He had corn-rowed hair, too, which is why I think my girl said clown.  I told him this was my house and he had to leave immediately.  That is pretty much when I woke up - still startled.

The next day I started to wonder about the character in my dream.  I don't want to sound racist, but at the time of this horse in the 1920s I think, the US was quite segregated.  I did not think that there were black people around horses.  I started to look online for photos of Man O'War and the first AA man I saw was the famous boxer, Jack Dempsey.  That wasn't him.  I looked some more and then there he was - Will Harbut - the groom of Man O'War!  They were so close that when Will died, the horse died soon thereafter.  Then I saw that he was a known ghost since there is a song called "The Ghost of Will Harbut"!!  More of a Kentucky thing but nonetheless.

Weird, huh?



LadyGagoo LadyGagoo
41-45, F
Aug 15, 2009