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Invisable Man

I had been out doing some yard work one sunny afternoon. I went into the house to get me a drink of water and relax for a few minutes.

The house seemed cold inside and I thought that was strange as it normally was hotter than the outside was. I sat for awhile and started to read a magazine on landscapeing. As I was reading on the couch from behind me I heard a heavy breathing up against my ear.  

It sent chills down my spine. Was I imagineing this? Soon I felt a light tapping of fingers moveing up and down my arms.

I jumped up and looked around but didn't see anyone. Did I get heat stroke or something from being out in the sun too long?

I settled back down to read but I felt uneasy. At that moment I felt with a heavy force something push me onto my back. It started to push my bent legs up into my chest. I tried kicking my legs and swinging my arms about to try and get whatever it was off of me.

This went on for a good minute or so. Then I yelled in the name of the holy spirit help me. At that instant  the evil invisable man was gone. To this day I don't like being left alone.


Haunted5 Haunted5 61-65, F 3 Responses Jan 28, 2010

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my mom told me when i was little i saw ghosts, so she let our dog start sleeping with me. since then i never saw a ghost somewhere i lived. (i dont remember seeing one but i remember many other things from the same age and house...why dont i remember a ghost? was i lying?) but i had an invisible ghost walk towards me in my friends house. scariest thing ever

Strange events in a small town is another event that happened in my house that was haunted. Also owed a haunted bar. Your story is interesting to me since I do believe spirits are around us.<br />
I have had about four spirits/ghosts events happen to me. The one the invisable man was the only one I felt was evil since i felt it. The others were not invisable but looked like a xray view & could see right through them. One even sat on my bed and I felt that & could see the impression of it. I then put my arm through it just to seeif I could feel mass. When i did this it disappeared. My sister & I see & hear things on occassions. I believe some of us have a 6th sense so to speak. As a child I could see people's auras. So in your case i do believe it must be your mom. My dad visited me also in my story called The messenger. Thanks for your tell. I enjoyed reading it.

I don't guess you would want to be left alone after that! Our house was haunted when we (me, my husband and 4 children) moved in. You could hearing walking and check it out and no one would be visable. At night, even after the kids all moved out, we would hear crashing like a major thing like a punch bowl. I was always afraid my husband's mother's ancient punch bowl would come crashing down. He would go turn on all the lights, taking a bat with him, and find nothing. He would check it out all over the house and NEVER found anything broken during those times. Plenty of things were broken by the children, but during those times and they were quite a few, we never found anything. In 1996 my mother died here in this very room in which I am sitting. It was from pancreatic cancer. I think her spirit stayed. She was a small woman, but she could be bossy. Since her death, we've heard the angry ghost less and less until nothing happens any more. I think she told him to go on and leave us alone. I know she is here. My daughter, whom she loved very much, was brushing her hair in a mirror by the front door and getting ready to go out, when she saw something out of the corner of her eye move. She thought it was one of her brothers trying to sneak up on her and scare her. She kept ready to jump back at them, but instead, while looking in the mirror she felt a hand caress the back of her head. She threw the hairbrush and ran out. I told her it was mother's spirit trying to reach her. She said she'd hope her grandmother, from now on would not scare her. My aunt told her and me both that it was mother. I know she's here. I never get frightened and I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I was never afraid of the ghost who crashed things. I think he was just a mean old man who used to live here and would throw things when he got mad, but I never felt any maleviolence from "him". Your experience was scary. Sorry. Hope that never happens to me. See ya!