A Loved One Waiting

This is a story that starts at a hospital in Redmond Wa. My mother was admitted there with a pain in her stomach. We found out later that she was on borrowed time with stomach cancer. The whole family had said their good byes to her before she was put into a coma like sleep. This is a common thing that they do now days when someone is in their final stages of death. I already said my good byes to her and headed home. I did not want to be there when her last breath was taken.

The rest of my family stayed and watched her breathing for hours.  As the hours clicked by most of my family members soon fell asleep. My sister and my son told me what happened after I left. As the two of them sat and read my son soon fell asleep also. He wasn't asleep for too long before he was awakened by a cool chill in the air. As he got up to grab a coat for warmth he felt someone staring at him.

He looked over at his grandmothers bed and there stood a tall thin man with piercing big blue eyes pacing up and down her bed. He looked over at my son with a puzzeled look on his face. My son described him as being my dad who he had never met because he had passed on one year before he was born. He knew it was him because he had been shown some pictures of him through the years.

My sister who had been watching my son for a few minutes described him at looking at something by the bed that she could not see.

This whole event that my son was seeing gave him a creepy feeling and he had to leave the area. Later he told me what he had seen. He had seen his grandpa waiting for his grandma to pass so they could go up to the heavens together.


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so it happened to someone else then?