A Few Experiances... Sorry Long!

 When I was a little kid my family moved into a townhouse that would fit a family of six. I was around four when this happened I would play around the downstairs with my three year old sister as my Mom would do chores nearby. I would sometimes wander around and I would see out of the corner of my eye I little boy in a suit. He was all grey like a black and white film and looked dusty but of course when I would look it would be gone. I brought it up to my Mom and she told me it was nothing and to ignore it. I gave it very little thought because Mom is always right. I'm surprised I would remember that!

 Years would go by and I would be put in the hospital a few times for asthma attacks and one instance I remember I was really miserable because I was alone and sick from the medication they gave me. Each visit would last a week and I would barely get out of bed except be pushed around on a wheelchair into the play room with other kids. One evening I was alone in my room with a girl who's parents always had the curtain closed because she was basically in a bubble ( I don't remember why) and a really nice lady in a white blouse and black pants came to me and carried me into the play room. I had seen her come into my room but never really interacted with her. I just remember that she was pretty so I wasn't scared of her. She had short curly blonde hair and looked like she was in her twenties. She sat me on her lap by the window and read me Harold and the Purple Crayon. It was dusk and I knew that we weren't allowed in the playroom at night time so I thought 'Hey I guess it's okay!' When the story was done she pointed out across the street to the graveyard and said something but I don't remember. It was really vague and I was sick from the medicine and six so I was like okaaaaaay. She left me in the playroom. A few minutes passed and a nurse came in and lectured me when she took me back to my room claiming I snuck in there and she refused to believe me about the blonde lady. So that's kind of a mindf@#$ for me now lol.

 When I was fourteen my parents were getting a divorce from infidelity and the little paranormal activity that was already going on (breathing sounds in dark corners, whispers of names) exploded. For a time whenever we opened the front door something that was the size of a small dog but it was almost all see through except black strips would run out of the house. It was like a split second thing. We own cats so we're used to watching out for them when we open the doors. My Dad refused to believe anything but he even saw it. Tappings from the outside of the house like a fingernail on the walls which would stop when we said stop. Laying in bed and feeling ice cold water drip on my cheek or forehead and wiping it away and there is nothing. Something punching the door on the inside of my empty closet door. That wasn't fun because the attic crawl space was in there. Hearing people walk around upstairs in bedrooms and down the halls when I was home alone. I tried to blame it on the cats but there was a lot weight in those steps.

We all experianced these things and it was most unnerving to feel something hovering over you when you try to sleep. My little sister and I slept in the same bed just to feel safe. For some reason when I watched TV or had the TV on I didn't get the sense of being watched or someone in my personal space so I ended up sleeping with my TV on mute. A lot of sounds and things being moved unexplainably like our pumkin candles and other small things.The weirdest thing that happened when my cat Beowulf was lounging on the floor near by me as I did home work. There was a loud banging on our front door and I went to see what it was. I assumed it must be a package or something and when I opened it, it was Beowulf lodged between the screen and front door. It was winter time so he couldn't have jumped out a window and some how shimmied into there and my brother was upstairs playing a video game. I was dumbfounded.

 As anything strange and paranormal we all did see the things out of the corners of our eyes. Three years of these crazy things happening and we finally just started to not care and ignored it. My Mom told us we had the power to make them leave by ignoring them and feeling no fear. Basically tell them to gtfo and things lightened up. The heaviness of the townhouse lifted and the episodes became fewer and fewer. Of course an ending can't just be snuffed out. I was washing dishes one day listening to music and out of the corner of my eye I saw a man crouching on my right side looking at me. He was all grey like the other things we had seen. As I turned to look at it, it's face zoomed right up into mine and I flinched and screamed. I opened my eyes and nothing was there. After that there was nothing.

 I have other stories about the paranormal so I will eventually write about them.

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that cat thing can maybe be explained...and im always skeptical about the corner of anyone's eye....but that thing about the closet door and the crawl space sounds scarier than ****